Aadhar card now compulsory for booking the train tickets | Link Aadhar Card with IRCTC

Aadhar card now compulsory for booking the train tickets | Link Aadhar Card with IRCTC (Railway)

Booking tickets online has become really common among the passengers of Indian Railways. And this is why the government has made it mandatory for using the Aadhar cards to get tickets for Railways. And the linking of Aadhar cards shall become mandatory. In simple terms, you will not have any railway tickets, especially for the long distance, if you do not have Aadhar card in your name. Regarding the usage of Aadhar card, it can be stated that a lot of people were extremely reluctant about this. The government made several instructions and arrangements to make Aadhar cards easily accessible for the people. But no attention was paid regarding this identification card.

Aadhar card now compulsory for booking the train tickets | Link Aadhar Card with IRCTC

This time the government has taken up the strict decision and without an Aadhar card linkage you will not have the railway tickets. The best part is, this major collaboration will be mandatory for both the reserved and unreserved categories and also for the online booking as well. This is the biggest push for Aadhar based ecosystem to be implemented in India. Till date, more than 90% of the people have Aadhar card. The linking for Aadhar database with IRCTC is already online and this is expected to be complete really soon.

So what will be the advantages of Aadhar train booking?

It will be easy for giving out concessions and this will become fair now. Aadhar card will be directly linked with the ticket now and this is why the railway authorities will be able to check whether the person is eligible for concession or not. The TTEs will be carrying the mobile handheld devices that will instantly confirm and verify the claims of the passengers.

The Aadhar card shall stop unauthorized agents and touts from booking tickets in fake names. This is a really dangerous issue in Indian Railways. Thousands of tickets get booked in false names. With the Aadhar card linkage, this can be stopped immediately.

The insurance for passengers

Every train passenger will have the insurance now. At present, only the online bookings of train tickets are allowed for insurance. But gradually this will be available even in the offline bookings as well, even for the unreserved passengers. At present, the unreserved category passengers are not provided with insurance because the Railways servers do not have the database of tracking so many people travelling in unreserved category. But gradually it will become available as the Aadhar linkage will make it easier to link up crores of people travelling daily. At the same time the government has also assured to reduce the price of insurance investments per travel. Thus it will be really effective for the common people travelling in railways. What do you think? Do share your opinions in the comments section below!

A tabular overview of Aadhar linkage

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Aadhar linkage effective from December 2016
2. Compulsory departments Reserved, Unreserved and Online
3. Category for railway concessions 50
4. Primary objective Prevent misuse of railway funds and fraudulent activities
5. Insurances offered to 27 Lakh passengers travelling online
6. Initial cost of insurance per travel 10 Paisa to 90 paisa
7. Reduced insurance price per travel 10 paisa to 50 paisa

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