Aarogya Bharat Abhiyan

Aarogya Bharat Abhiyan in Ajmer & Nagaur in Rajasthan

In order to attain the developed status every nation should achieve proper growth in all sectors particularly in the educational, healthcare, infrastructure and in terms of creating employment opportunities. On considering those facts, the central government of India keeps on introducing several schemes and plans in order to achieve sustainable growth in those sectors. In order to improve the health care education all around the nation, the central government of India introduced Aarogya Bharat Abhiyan scheme.

Purpose of Aarogya Bharat Abhiyan scheme

With the intention of the developing the health care system in the nation, the Aarogya Bharat Abhiyan scheme gets introduced under which proper training institutes will be opened in several parts of the nations, those institutes will provide more than 10 thousand skilled heath care professionals. By improving the healthcare professional in the nation it will boost the health care systems of the nation eventually.

In recent, the women and child minster Anita Bhadel introduced this health care boosting scheme in the two districts Ajmer and Nagaur of the state Rajasthan. People might have noticed that the Rajasthan state is in headlines for the past few months by launching several beneficiary schemes and plans to its state people, the introduction of this health care scheme is the latest amendment to the list.

Key points about the scheme

  • The main motive of the scheme is to improve the health care professionals in the nation in next 5 years. To do so, several healthcare institutes will be opened along with the partnership of private concerns across the nation.
  • The GE healthcare which are about to be opened in the two chosen districts of the state will include several courses related to the patient safety, diagnosing diseases, and also to develop the leadership among the healthcare personals.
  • Under this newly introduced health care scheme, the central government aimed to open at least single healthcare institutions all the states of the nation. By doing so there would be a notable improvement in the health care sector with the collaboration of the private firms throughout the nation.
  • While addressing in the event the minister quoted that the about 60 cities from various states of the country are chosen for the opening for healthcare institutes under this Aarogya Bharat scheme.

The implementation of this Aarogya Bharat seems to be the one of the largest healthcare scheme introduced in the world. With the participants of the private firms, one can expect the proper healthcare facilities will be offered in terms of teaching and also for treatments too. The scheme will provide proper training to the medical professional who wants to shine.

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