Airtel Surprise 4G Vs Jio Prime 4G Vs Vodafone 4G Vs Idea 4G (28GB)

Airtel Surprise 4G Vs Jio Prime 4G Vs Vodafone 4G Vs Idea 4G (28GB)

In recent past Chairman of Reliance Communication, Mr. Mukesh Ambani has announced about their new Jio plans. As soon as their plans came out other providers launched their plans too. Airtel, country’s one of the largest telecommunication providers have launched their new and revamped plan too following Jio’s new offer. The company is all set to satisfy its existing customers as well as ready to fetch new ones. According to the new Airtel Plan now users can enjoy 28 GB 4G data in a month in just Rs. 345/- per month.

Airtel Surprise 4G Vs Jio Prime 4G Vs Vodafone 4G Vs Idea 4G (28GB)

Plan by Aitel – What to get

Last year when Reliance launched the Jio welcome offer, Airtel, along with other leading providers also launched plans to avail free voice calls. Airtel was always a widely used connection compare to other providers. Existing users already know the various plans and offers the company has. Now let us talk about the new plan by Airtel.

  • The offer is valid for prepaid users only. On monthly basis they can recharge with the given price and enjoy the facilities offered by the provider.
  • In this offer the user will get 28 GB 4G data pack in a month. That is 1 GB per day like Reliance Jio. This plan will be valid till 28 days as the data they are offering lasts for 28 days.
  • Users need to buy the plan before 31st march 2017. Those who will buy the plan before this date can enjoy the offer for next 11 months. Even if the offer changes or diverts to other plan, the users can avail the plan by recharging their phone number.
  • Price of the pack is Rs. 345/- per month. As mentioned that it is available only for the prepaid users, the user can recharge with the mentioned money and he / she will get 1 GB 4G data per day, unlimited free voice calls (national roaming + local) for 28days.
  • The ‘per day’ 1GB data will be available in two parts. 500 MB will be available during the day time and rest 500 MB will be for the night hours. If 500 MB exhausted before ending up the day then the user has to stop using it or it may cost some money. Same will happen with night data.
  • Airtel already has plans where the user can enjoy unlimited free calls (only Airtel to Airtel) for local as well as national roaming numbers. Now with this new plan (offer) users can enjoy free unlimited calls to any number.
  • At the initial phase of the offer, this will be available only in the phones that have 4G enabled features. If your Smartphone does not have 4G LTE connectivity then you might not be able to enjoy the plan.

Other Providers and their new plans

When Airtel started competing with jio, then it is obvious other honchos will not stop there and watch the show silently. Vodafone and Idea have also launched their respective plans to make their existing customers happy.

Vodafone is offering same 28 GB 4G plan in Rs. 342/- per month. So Vodafone users can enjoy same facilities for Rs. 3/- lesser than that of Airtel customers.

On the other Idea users can also enjoy almost same sorts of facilities in Rs. 348/- per month. Not only the Rs. 3/- difference but the provider is offering half data i.e. 500 MB data per day for 28 days unlike Airtel or Vodafone.

Still Reliance Jio seems to be more attractive. Not only it offers lesser price i.e. Rs. 303/- per month compare to other providers but also offers add-on data. According to a spokesperson, those who will buy the offer before 31st March 2017 will get add-on data of 5 GB that saves Rs. 201/- per month. On the other people, who will buy the recharge of Rs. 499/-, will get 10 GB free data that saves Rs. 301/- per month.

Quick Comparison

Voice calls

(Local + National)

Data Validity Price

(per Month)

Airtel Unlimited 1GB 4G per day

(500MB day, 500MB night)

1 month Rs. 345/-
Vodafone Unlimited 1GB 4G per day 1 month Rs. 342/-
Idea Unlimited 500 MB per day 1 month Rs. 348/-
Reliance Unlimited 1GB 4G per day 1 month Rs. 303/- + Rs. 99/-

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