Airtel 148 Plan for prepaid customers

Airtel Offers Unlimited Voice Calls for just rs 148 for prepaid customers

In this Airtel 148 plan users can call Airtel to Airtel unlimited calls. We all know that the Telecom giants have been in distress for the past few months – ever since Reliance Jio announced its jaw dropping scheme. While Reliance Jio is offering welcome scheme that gives people free access to the internet and calling features, the other companies are struggling hard to beat them down. In an effort to do so, companies like Aircel and Tata Docomo have slashed their 3G data rates.

Airtel Unlimted Voice Calls at rs 148

Of course this was an attempt at regaining the users in their areas. This is why these companies are offering these rates at select locales only. To know if your area qualifies under these regions, keep reading.

First comes Airtel’s Free Voice Calls

For those who do not know, Reliance Jio is planning to shell out free voice calls unlimited pack at only Rs. 149 per month. This means that you will have to recharge of Rs. 149 monthly to get unlimited voice calls on all networks.

This has come as a serious blow to the industry giants like Airtel and Vodafone and Airtel seems to have already taken some steps to counteract this.

Now Airtel has launched a Rs. 148 per month plan for free voice calling. Here’s the catch though – the voice calling feature is internet based. This means you will be able to call over the internet free if you recharge of this plan.

What are the few points to note?

Although Airtel has launched its plan there are several aspects to it which are to be thought about:

  • First of all Jio is also giving free unlimited internet in its 149rs pack whereas Airtel has left out the internet factor in its 148rs pack. It has cleverly targeted only the voice calling customers.
  • The unlimited voice calling over internet at Rs. 148 is the pack that is supposed to counteract Jio’s whereas there have already been a plethora of other plans that Airtel has led out. However, the users are getting confused about their plans.
  • Airtel first announced its unlimited free internet plan for 3 months at Rs. 1499. So clearly this was not a free internet plan as the users thought.

It only remains to be seen what Airtel does in the future to retain its customers as it is for sure that it will have to do a lot more than just cut down prices if Jio keeps offering theirs at the cheapest rate.

Meanwhile Aircel and Tata Docomo…

Aircel and Tata Docomo were regarded as one of the most stable and cheap connections in many parts of the country. Obviously with the onset of Jio mobile phones that has been tampered with. Therefore these companies are now introducing new cheaper rates that are discounted from the original ones.

Aircel has now launched a plan that will enable the user to do unlimited top ups of Rs. 24 to get 1 GB 3G internet free for one month. This is available in the following states – Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, North East, and Jammu & Kashmir.

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