Apply for Rent Voucher Scheme Payments for Poor

Apply for Rent Voucher Scheme Payments for Poor

The Central government is about to introduce a new Rs. 2,700 crore scheme that will provide rent payments to those who need it. Rent vouchers will be provided to the urban poor in around 100 cities. This is for those who live below the poverty line and need help with managing their payments.

Apply for Rent Voucher Scheme Payments for Poor

This new policy has been in the developmental stages for a while. The first stage of the policy will be brought out into the 2017-18 financial year. This will be offered to people in the smart cities who require the most help with managing their rent payments.

This especially comes amid the Housing For All efforts that India is aiming to run. This helps to improve upon how easy it may be to handle payments for homes. This especially keeps people from being at risk of losing their homes.

How the Scheme Works

The scheme will work with the following points:

  • Rent vouchers will be distributed to BPL residents in smart cities. These include not only those who are poor but also migrants who do not have regular incomes.
  • A tenant will give a voucher to the landowner. This is a person responsible for managing the property that a person lives in.
  • The tenant will pay cash in some form in the event that the rent is higher than what the rent voucher is worth. This would be paid off to the landowner.

What Is the Voucher Worth?

The vouchers that will be provided will be valued based on the totals that an urban local body has determined. This will be based on the size of the class or type of dwelling unit that one is in. the overall rate of rent in the city one lives in will also be a key factor in determining the value of a voucher that one will take in. direct benefit transfers may also be included in the process of taking care of payments although it is not fully clear as to how that might work in the near future.


Specific details on who is eligible have yet to be released. It is expected that all those who can show that they are below the poverty line will be eligible to get into the program. Additional details on what to expect here should be released in the future as people learn more about what is available.

Application Process

The process for applying for the vouchers will be revealed in the future. This is expected to be valuable for people who can apply for it. Information on what forms need to be managed and where people can go for taking care of them will be released in the future so it will be a necessity to watch for what can be handled in the near future.

Important For Many

The extensive number of people who are living in such properties is important to note. This includes a number of people who may benefit from the functions that are being handled in the voucher program:

  • About 27.5 percent of urban residents in the country live in rented houses. This is according to Census 2011 information
  • In 2009, the National Sample Survey stated that nearly a third of urban households live on rent. This is a total that has stayed intact since around 1991.
  • The Housing For All scheme has been used to help with many of these people who struggle with regularly getting payments handled. By offering vouchers for supporting rent payments, it will be easier for these people to actually stay in their homes and not worry about being removed in any way.

Other Forms of Support

Confiscated benami properties will be managed by the government to become more affordable. In many cases, some of these properties will be offered at lower rates to those who struggle with affording their houses. The Benami Properties Act especially helps with getting such properties open and ready for use.

Properties that the Central government has confiscated could be open for rental housing use. They may be rented out to those who are below the poverty line. Auctions may also be provided to potential landowners who want to provide people with ownership plans for properties that they can let out to those who are poor.

The solution used here is designed to keep people who are poor from losing their homes. All people who are below the poverty line are encouraged to contact the government as the program opens up. This is to make it easier for them to afford housing and to get into properties that they might feel comfortable with. It will make a world of difference if used right and handled with enough control for any situation one wants to get into.

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