BSNL Offers Unlimited 3G Without FUP at Rs. 1,099

BSNL Offers Unlimited 3G Without FUP at Rs. 1,099! Data Tariff Wars Have Started 

BSNL, India’s largest and the oldest telecom service provider has a new 3G data pack for its customers. It is an unlimited 3G data pack plan which will be available for the BSNL customers at a moderate rate. This will surely become a great deal for those who want high speed data plan at affordable rates and need not worry about the exhaustion of data. The new BSNL data pack will not have any FUP limit. This implies that the users of this data pack can now use truly unlimited data with uniform fast 3G speed.  BSNL has already fixed the monthly rate for this new no-FUP data pack which will be available for Rs. 1,099 for a period of 30 days. This is the most affordable and truly unlimited data pack available in the market at present. The data pack will be available throughout the nation from 25th August, 2016.

BSNL Offers Unlimited 3G Without FUP at Rs. 1,099

No reduction in internet speed

It is a first of a kind unlimited internet data plan provided by any telecom company in the country to have no FUP limit. All the other unlimited data plans sold has a FUP cap which restricts the user to have high speed data throughout the entire period of data validity. Most of the plans provide high speed internet access for first 10GB or 15GB. After that, the speed gets reduced and the user is unable to have net access in the previous speed. This limitation has been swiped off in this no-FUP plan by BSNL. Hence, the users will now get unlimited and full high speed data services in 3G speeds for an entire month for Rs. 1,099 only.

Competition in mind with the upcoming Reliance Jio

Reliance is launching its unlimited 4G data pack named Reliance Jio which is expected to become a revolution in its own. This 4G pack will be available in very affordable rates. Hence to ease of the upcoming competition and stay in the race ahead, BSNL has made many changes in its data plans. The new BSNL data plan will be the nation’s first no-FUP data plan with unlimited data. BSNL has also made wide changes in its other data plans. Most of its popular data packs will have twice the data they were providing earlier to their loyal customers. This will help retaining the BSNL users and stop switching to other operators. As per market gurus, the unlimited and uncapped data pack of BSNL will attract more consumers and will be a great success.

BSNL Data packs will have double data benefits

To stay as a front runner in the competitive market and to gain more pace, BSNL has taken an important decision to revive their popular data packs also. Previously, the 1 GB pack of BSNL was priced at Rs. 156. From now on, the company has decided to double the data benefit for the consumers. Hence from now on, the BSNL users can enjoy 2 GB of 3G high speed data at the same rate of Rs. 156. This is a great bargain as 3G data packs of other data providers are much costlier than this one. This 2GB pack will have a maximum validity of 10 days. The other data pack which is been modified by BSNL will be its existing 5GB pack. The data pack will also have twice data for the same price. This means, the BSNL consumers can enjoy 10 GB of data in 3G speeds for Rs. 549. The validity of this data pack is 30 days. For having unlimited 3G data, the BSNL users will have to pay Rs. 1,099 for 30 days validity.

BSNL leading the way

As the competition is becoming tougher and tougher and, it is very vital for the telecom agencies to retain their customers. But BSNL is still in the top with the maximum number of customers. The new TRAI data reveals that BSNL has the most number of new subscribers than any other telecom operators. Below are some data on the telecom providers and their consumer growth:

Sl. No. Telecom provider Total no. of new subscribers
1 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) 11.39 lakh
2 Airtel 9.78 lakh
3 Aircel 5.72 lakh
4 Reliance Communications 1.1 lakh
5 Vodafone 46,000
6 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL) 11,591
7 Quadrant -25,012

BSNL improving their network system

To stay ahead in the race, BSNL is keen to develop and modify its network distribution throughout the country.  BSNL started providing telecom services in India from September, 2000.  From there, it has emerged as the nation’s largest telecom operator and service provider to millions of Indians. It has already connected 623 districts with its uninterrupted services. A total of 7,330 cities and towns are covered with the BSNL network. Apart from this, BSNL has also laid its networks in 5.8 lakh villages. As per CEO of BSNL, the organization is determined to improve its already functional networks and to increase its network presence in the uncovered areas. At present, BSNL has only 2G and 3G data services for its consumers. But as per top officials of BSNL, they will also explore the 4G market soon.

Other telecom providers expected to launch similar data services

After the BSNL has launched the unlimited monthly 3G data plan with uncapped data speed, other telecom providers might also follow the same path. It will not be a big surprise if the other players launch similar data benefit packs or better plans than BSNL to attract consumers. The BSNL have already doubled its data limit of the data packs, but kept the prices same. But it will be very interesting how the new unlimited 3G BSNL plan works in the blooming 4G market. However the aggressive marketing strategy of BSNL has helped them to add the most number of subscribers in the last few months. The corporate segment as well as the youth segment is sure to get attracted to this new data scheme. The other operators will have to bring up drastic changes in their data plans to stay in the data race.

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