Iphone 8 vs iphone 8 plus vs iphone x New iphone – Buy Online Specification Prices in India

Iphone 8 vs iphone 8 plus vs iphone x New iphone – Buy Online Specification Prices in India

This is probably the first time when Apple Inc has launched three phones at a time. After iPhone 7, it takes 12 months to launch iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. However none of the handsets has been launched in India yet. With latest technology and more advanced photography techniques, these sets have left Apple users awestruck. According to the experts these handsets, especially the iPhone X is said to be the future phone that has launched earlier. The technology, especially the biometric lock is one of the many things that will make you grab this phone.

Iphone 8 vs iphone 8 plus vs iphone x


iPhone 8 – Features

Buying iPhones does not need any special reason. The only reason you buy an iPhone is the iPhone itself. However it definitely gives you class, techniques and some of the commendable features that will make you go crazy.

  • Charger: iPhone 8 is the first even Apple phone that has wireless charging features. Samsung has already launched wireless charging feature in their Galaxy S series. But in case of iPhones, this will be the first time when you one charge your phone without sitting it at a corner of the room beside the charging point.
  • Display: Compare to iPhone 7 that was launched last year iPhone 8 comes with 4.7” screen where iPhone 8 plus has 5.5” screen. The other display features are much similar to iPhone 7 and other older models.
  • Camera: It has single 12 Megapixel with f/1.8 camera. The quality is similar to iPhone 8 plus and nothing special has been added to this handset. The video quality offers 4K video recording at 24FPS, 30FPS and 60FPS respectively.
  • Processor: A11 Bionic Processor is been used in iPhone 8 which is faster than older models. The same processor is there in the iPhone X as well. This will be helpful for gaming and other apps in the phone.
  • Body: There is nothing special in iPhone 8 body. The case and the body are again not different from previous models by Apple.
  • Finger print sensor: The Home Button of this handset (also iPhone 8 Plus) has the finger print sensor like other biometric support phones from Samsung and Apple’s previous models.
  • Price: In India the price of iPhone 8 (64 GB) is Rs. 64,000/-.

Pros of iphone 8 –

  • Firstly users might want to buy it for wireless charging feature. The normal charger wire for iPhone (or any other latest handsets) has a small wire that will make you sit beside the point for a long time if you are using your phone while charging. With iPhone 8 it won’t happen.
  • Secondly the processor is much faster than the previous models. With this price Apple is offering for iPhone 8 is worth for the processor it has. Specially who are gaming freaks and app addicted can buy this handset.
  • Also display is comparatively pleasant. It will not affect your eyes even in lower lights unlike other phones. It has light sensitivity that will help the screen o adjust screen in variant lights.

Cons of iphone 8 –

  • Compare to iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X the screen size is extremely small in iPhone 8. With only 4.7” screen it is not possible for the user to watch movies or using apps in comparison to other two newly launched models.
  • The screen resolution is weaker than other two as well. With 1334×750 resolution the handset is not desirable for HD videos or social media apps.
  • Battery of the handset is pretty smaller than other two. This implies it has nothing extra than the older models launched by Apple. Compare to other two sets it has less powerful battery as well.
  • There is no dual camera. Hence spending much money on it and skipping the portrait mode may not be a wise decision for the users.

iPhone 8 Plus – Features

  • Display: The phone comes with bigger screen than iPhone 8. With 5.5” screen size it has 1920×1080 resolutions which is clearer than iPhone 8. For videos and movies it will be an ideal choice.
  • Processor: The A11 Bionic Processor is been used in this phone. The processor for three of the models is same. It is faster than the previous models but same for the other two models launched this year.
  • Camera: iPhone 8 plus comes with dual camera. With 12 megapixel rear camera and 7 megapixel front camera, the phone offers portrait mode which was not present in iPhone 8. With better resolution the picture looks better in iPhone 8 plus screen than iPhone 8 screen.
  • Battery: The best battery among all the three models is of iPhone 8 Plus. It offers 21 hours of voice call which is similar to iPhone X additionally it offer 13 hours of nonstop internet use that is more than both the models.
  • Finger prints Sensor: Same as the previous model and iPhone 8, the finger print sensor is in the Home button. One can easily lock / unlock the phone with tapping on the home button. iPhone X does not have finger print sensor.
  • Price: The Indian price of this model is Rs. 73, 000/- for 64GB.

Pros of the iphone 8 plus

  • If we follow the Apple official website, none of the iPhone 8 series phones have anything special that iPhone 7 series do not have except for few things. To count on the pros of iPhone 8 Plus, the screen resolution and screen size is definitely better than iPhone 8. However iPhone X is far better than these two in case of display.
  • Secondly the battery life will take all your attention to this handset. As mentioned it has the best battery life among three models, it offers more talk time, more internet use, more video watching than the other two models.
  • Finally dual camera can be another point that can let you choose this model over iPhone 8. As said that there is not much difference in iPhone 7 series and iPhone 8 series, the camera offers almost same features as iPhone 7. On the contrary, iPhone X offers much more.

Cons of the iphone 8 plus

  • Firstly the price of the phone is bit too high compare to what features it has. The price tag for 256GB is near to the price of iPhone X (64 GB) handset. So instead of spending money on iPhone 8 Plus, users can easily switch to much better option.
  • The handset has almost same features that iPhone 7Plus has. There is nothing much difference between the two or other Plus series by Apple. Also if not Apple, Samsung, LG and other companies offer same features at lower price.
  • Having high cost of the set, still it offer LCD screen whereas iPhone X offers OLED display that is more attractive to the eyes. Compare to other two models, it is better than iPhone 8 but not worth the money if compare to iPhone X.

iPhone X – Features

iPhone X is the most lovable child of Apple. On the occasion of 10 years completion of Apple, it is launching its most adorable handset ever. According to the experts iPhone X is the futuristic as well as most impressive phone ever from Apple. It is much more different from the other two models or other older series. The features are:

  • Display: The best ever display offered by Apple is in iPhone X. With 5.8” screen size and 2436×1125 Res, the phone has OLED Display. This will help you to hook to the screen while watching even a tiny 58 seconds video on Instagram.
  • Camera: Dual rear camera with one-of-a-kind portrait mode is there in iPhone X. The 12-Megapixel rear camera one with f/1.8 apparatus and f/2.8 apparatus are available in the phone. The front camera comes same as other two models that is 7 Megapixel. Also it offer telephoto portrait lens.
  • Portrait features: Animoji is the one feature that wasn’t there in any of the iPhone series. You can take selfies and can turn it to be any animation you want. This feature allows you to take selfies even with blurred background.
  • Processor: The processor is same for the rest two iPhone 8 series models. A11 Bionic Processor which is faster than the previous series like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The coprocessor is also same for the three models, that are M11.
  • Face detector: There is no Home Button in iPhone X. The handset detects your face to unlock it. One has to see straight to the phone to unlock it. This is unique and first ever done by Apple.
  • Battery Life: As mentioned earlier that battery life is best in iPhone 8 Plus. Compare to iPhone 8 it offers more battery life. However less than iPhone 8 Plus. The internet use and video watching capacity is 12 hours and 13 hours respectively which was less than iPhone 8 Plus. The talk time is same for all the three models that are 21 hours.
  • Body: The body of this handset is more attractive than any other phone in the world. The glass bodied handset is way too different than any other innovation by Apple before. The edge-to-edge OLED screen is also a jaw dropping experience.
  • Charger: It also, like iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, has wireless charger that will help one to move around the room. Also it takes much lesser time than other two models for charging.
  • Price: The iPhone X comes at Rs. 89000/- for the 64GB whereas the 256GB comes at Rs. 1, 02, 000/-.

Pros of the iphone x –

  • Firstly the look of the phone is so commendable that one can’t resist buying it. The glass body is something worth the money. As said earlier that reason for buying iPhone is iPhone itself. It has class and look that many leading models from leading companies don’t have. iPhone X just surpassed all the landmark in here.
  • Secondly the camera and picture quality that the handset offers is another reason to upgrade from older series or switch to Apple. Animoji is new here, so now people don’t need to use any app to have animated selfies.
  • Display: Again the high resolution it offers will make you awestruck while watching HDR videos or movies. As said that the processor is much faster, playing HD games will be fun too.

Cons of the iphone x –

  • The handset is tremendously expensive for a normal Indian. Spending almost a Lac for a better quality camera does not make sense as you can buy a DSLR anytime spending much lesser than this. Talking about other phones Samsung S8+ offers similar kind of picture quality except for dual camera and portrait mode.
  • There is no Home Screen or touch ID like other iPhone series. This is unique but troublesome as one has to look at the phone straight while unlocking it. If your face moves a bit it fails to detect it. However there is a conventional pass code locking system is available too.
  • Apple Care+ in iPhone X is much more expensive than other models. To use Care+ one has to spend a lot, along with the phone cost. This will again restrict Indian inhabitants to buy this extra ordinary, tech-friendly innovation from Apple.

Comparative review – Iphone 8 vs iphone 8 plus vs iphone x


Features iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X


Processor A11 Bionic A11 Bionic A11 Bionic
Camera 12MP & 7MP 12MP & 7MP 12MP & 7MP
Video Recording 4K video recording, 24,30, 60FPS 4K video recording, 24,30, 60FPS 4K video recording, 24,30, 60FPS
Charging Wireless Wireless Wireless
Mobile Software iSO 11 iOS 11 iOS 11
Water & Dust resistance Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity 4G, WiFi 4G, WiFi 4G, WiFi
Touch 3D 3D 3D
Storage 64GB & 256GB 64GB & 256GB 64GB & 256GB
Dissimilarities Screen 4.7” 5.5” 5.8”
Resolution 1334×750 1920×1080 2436×1125
Pixel density 326 ppi 401 ppi 458 ppi
Apparatus f/1.8 f/1.8 & f/2.4 f/1.8 & f/2.8
Portrait Mode N/A Yes Yes with Animoji
Finger sensor Home Button Home Button N/A
Face ID N/A N/A Yes
Price (64GB) INR 64, 000 INR 73, 000 INR 89, 000


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