Kitchen Yojana in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Kitchen Yojana in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Kitchen Yojana is a new government scheme launched in Uttar Pradesh for the poor people. According to the ministry, the main concern for the poor is availability of food at cheaper rates. For this reason, this scheme is specially developed to help the poor people get food at subsidized rates.

What you should know about this scheme

  • The Kitchen Yojana has been devised to give poor people food at only Rs. 5. The aim is to bring the children who are studying in government schools, come under this Yojana.
  • This scheme sounds similar to the mid day meal scheme and it is quite canny to the aforesaid scheme. The state government is working closely with Akshay Patra to bring this Yojana into fruition.
  • The first phase of this scheme will be implemented across 11 districts and then later on it will be implemented far and wide across the state.
  • The poor people, who are unable to get their meals at affordable costs, will be benefited. But the ones who will be benefited the best from this scheme are the children.
  • The scheme has already launched in the state capital, Lucknow. However the Chief Minister plans to propagate this scheme far and wide across all the districts of the state.


All the poor people of the state will get their food now at only Rs. 5. It is a very good scheme for the poor of the state. But with this, the government is also taking a dig at demonetization. In fact, during the launch of the scheme, the Chief Minister didn’t hesitate to mention that the demonetization scheme came at a very poor time.

Since the UP elections have come very close, the government is finding ways to ensure that all the needs of the people are met and that they are able to get the best of services. However, politics kept aside, this is a very good move for the citizens of UP and will bring the poor people into a lot of security. Low cost food to the poor will be helpful for their nutrition and survival.

A tabular overview

Serial no. About Info
1 Scheme launch date 26th Dec 2016
2 Launched by CM Akhilesh Yadav
3 Budget for the scheme Rs. 14 crore
4 Presently implemented in 11 districts

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