Ujjwala Plus Scheme: Sponsor LPG connection-get tax relief  


Ujjwala Plus Scheme: Sponsor LPG connection, get tax relief

The immense success of the Ujjwala Yojana, under which, the central government provided free LPG connection to the poor and needy, encourage the authority to seek the support of the people of the country. The government will soon launch the Ujjwala Plus Yojana. Under this, BPL candidates will be given free fuel cylinder connection, which have been acquired by donation.

Ujjwala Plus


Ujjwala Plus scheme details

The central government, under the leadership of Narendra Modi implemented the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala scheme in March 2016. After the scheme rolled out successfully, the government wanted to reach out to more candidates. Thus, the Ujjwala Plus scheme will be implemented during the 2017 Diwali months. The declaration of the scheme was made on the month of August 2017. The scheme is a gift from the central government to the people belonging to the BPL category. The scheme will be monitored by the NPOs created under the Oil Ministry. These announcements were made by the Minister of Oil Department, Dharmendra Pradhan.

“CM Devendra Fadnavis launched the Ujjwala yojana in Maharashtra, Which is under the PM ujjwala yojana.”

Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowering the poor families – Even after the massive success of the Ujjwala scheme, there are many rural and urban residents who do not have access to clean cooking fuel. With the Ujjwala Plus Yojana, the government aims to empower these families by providing them with LPG connections.
  2. Free LPG connections – Just like the Ujjwala Yojana, the Ujjwala Plus Yojana will also provide LPG connection to the selected poor families free of cost.
  3. Donating the PLG connections – As per the guidelines of the scheme, the central government will request the economically sound individuals or corporate houses to donate the LPG connections.
  4. Donation amount – Under the scheme, the donors will be able to donate at least an amount of Rs. 1600. The donor can donate more than that as well. The money acquired from the donation will be used to provide connection to a chosen BPL family.
  5. Individual as well as corporates – To get the maximum amount of donation, the central government has declared that the donations can be made by an individual and by any corporate house as well. The corporates will be encouraged to take up the responsibility of providing LPG connections to as many households as possible.


“You can call PM Ujjwala yojana help line number to get information about this scheme.”

How does the scheme work?

  • As per the Ujjwala Yojana, the central government had the target of providing 5 crore families with the LPG cylinders. But the campaign succeeded in hitting the 1 Crore mark within 8 months.
  • Encouraged by the scheme, the government has decided to implement the Ujjwalla Plus Yojana. Under this scheme, the government will urge the people to sponsor LPG connection to one or more families. The sponsorship can be provided by an individual person or a corporate organization.
  • The Oil Ministry, Government of India will set up Non-Profit Organization or NPO. It will be the responsibility of the NPO to create an account where the donation money will be collected.
  • As the donors will get the chance of selecting the beneficiary, the NPO will take the assistance of the local connection providing agencies to reach the LPG cylinder to that particular family.

Unlike the Ujjwala Yojana, the Ujjwala Plus Yojana will be a welfare scheme that will be carried forward by the participation of the common people directly. They will choose the poor family or families and donate the respective amount in the NPO account via online or offline modes.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. Eligibility of the recipient – Just like the Ujjwala scheme, the beneficiaries of the Ujjwala Plus scheme must fall below the line of poverty. The free LPG connection will be provided to those families where the women have the BPL card.
  2. No LPG connection – The poor households, which have a LPG connection or are already receiving the benefit under the Ujjwala program, will not be registered under the Ujjwala Plus scheme.

As the scheme will get implemented before this Diwali, the central government will give the poor families, especially the women something to be happy about. The scheme cannot be a success without the prompt participation of the commoners. The sense of being able to make someone else’s life better will also bring a smile on the face of the donors.

“You can download BPL list of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana or SECC-2011 data.”


LPG Panchayat Scheme details –

The cabinet minister said that the governance will go specifically to the women to organize these panchayats. Women from all sections of the society, including Anganwadi workers, political activists, social leaders and others will join this scheme to lead it to success. They will be utilized to help spread the message that LPG gas is cheap and clean.

He also mentioned that women have to take cowdung and firework as alternatives to LPG. These are not cheap. They cost around Rs. 1000 roughly to the households every month. Hence LPG is a much cheaper and safer option.

Not just this, but with this scheme the women folk will feel much more empowered. The Cabinet Minister highlighted that if a woman goes into the forest, then she has to shed ore hours and energy into working at it. She has to spend around 6 hours to collect firewood and then come back from the words. Such labor is not counted under the GDP. Plus, it is wastage of her ability to fend for herself. Hence, having an LPG would enable her to contribute more to her household instead of working away to collect woods.

Why do we need this scheme?

  • With the LPG gas scheme many women will be able to protect their health. The fire from firewood and cowdung are not good for women’s health. LPG will make their health better.
  • Women today are also unaware about the harm that this scheme can cause them in general. More and more women around the country need to know what the other sources of gases are doing to their physique. This scheme will help them with that.
  • Basically it is an awareness campaign that will bring into light the need to have an LPG connection. It will also provide women with a change to alleviate other women around them.

This is one of the schemes that will help penetrate the Ujjwala scheme because it will bring more women under the radar. It will propagate the benefits of LPG far and wide, even in rural areas.

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