Mariyappan Thangavelu Biography in Hindi / Eng| Mariyappan Thangavelu Wins Gold Medal in Paralympics High Jump

Mariyappan Thangavelu Biography in Hindi / Eng| Mariyappan Thangavelu Wins Gold Medal in Paralympics High Jump

Early on the Saturday morning Mariyappan Thangavelu and got a gold medal while his compatriot Varun Singh Bhati got a bronze medal in the T-42 men’s high jump. This event which is being held at Rio has fetched beautiful medals and glorified the country intensely.

The story of Thangavelu is even more of an inspiration because he won the first Indian to do a high jump and win a gold medal at the Paralympics event. Even Bhati performed equally well and finished third in the event. However, even though these two performers outshined at last, they were not always looked upon as the ones who are going to fetch the first spot. Sharad Kumar who gave an overall well performance throughout the event and was considered a strong candidate for the gold medal was at number six.

Mariyappan Thangavelu Biography

India’s proud moment

It is great moment for India since the champion Thangavelu has defeated the world champion Sam Grewe from USA. Earlier Dipa Karmakar was up against the world champion in gymnastics, Simon Biles, who was also from USA. This time in the Paralympics India managed to do what it couldn’t do in the gymnastics – defeat the world champion.

USA’s Sam Grewe bagged the Silver medal in the event. Hence the first and the third position in this event both went to India while the second position went to USA’s Paralympics athlete.

Earlier, the sports ministry had announced that those who win gold medals in the Paralympics will be awarded from Rs. 75 lakh each. The silver medal holders will be awarded with Rs. 50 lakh each while the bronze medalists will be shelled out Rs. 30 lakh each. However after the win, Jayalalitha has announced Rs. 2 crores for the gold medalist.

Key facts about T-24

  • T-24 is a disability classification in the sports arena for those who are differently-abled. It is characterized by ‘single above the knee’ amputation or comparable disability.
  • In this particular T-24 event, there was a rush of adrenaline as 6 out of the 12 contestants gave a tough competition to one another. Thangavelu managed to clear the race at his 10th attempt when he managed to surpass the 1.77 mark.
  • This gold medal is only India’s third at the Indian Paralympics event. Earlier India had participated in the event but didn’t fetch the gold medal in it.

Their winning story

Thangavelu managed to win the gold medal at last by surpassing 1.89 meters while Bhati wasn’t too far away – he made his mark by reaching only 1.86 meters.

Thangavelu was only 5 years old when he met with a bus accident that led him to become partial but permanent disability. The bronze winner Bhati on the other hand was diagnosed with polio in his childhood which led to his legs getting deformed.

Ultimately these two bagged the medals but it was not without some difficulty initially. It could only b possible by coming out strong at the end of the game. Kumar, who was performing well, lost the track. It was Grewe that pushed Bhati and Mariyappan to come together and finally they were able to clear the mark. Needless to say they came together stronger at the end to fetch the mark.

No. Info (in meters)
1 Thangavelu’s comeback 1.77
2 Thangavelu’s winning 1.89
3 Bhati’s score 1.86

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