National Health Protection Scheme

National Health Protection Scheme

By booster dose here, we don’t literally mean that the government is offering booster dosage scheme for the children. But the present government has planned to bring a complete new health scheme to help the poor and needy people get out of the major health issues that go untreated every year. Different government health schemes were prevalent for a really long time, but they were not really helpful for the people. This is a really important step taken up by the present government of India. If this scheme is initiated, a huge number of poor children shall have the opportunity to avail the health doses right on time. In this event of Independence, it was stated by PM Modi that he is going to initiate the health coverage of 1 Lakh for the poor. And this will offer the much necessary push to the NHPS. The scheme has already been announced and a cabinet has been prepared that will circulate it soon.

PM Surakshit Matritva Yojana is one of the women welfare schemes, which is especially for pregnant lady who suffered from some kind of diseases.”

National Health Protection Scheme

The background of this scheme

It cannot be denied that the healthcare services are getting costlier today and this scheme is going to bring a sigh of relief to the people of below poverty line. The government is going to bear an expenditure of 1Lakh who are deprived of health care services. The health protection schemes have been modeled after the Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana. And this has already attained the financial committee’s approval. This was run by the labor ministry since 2008 and then it was transferred to the Health Ministry from April 2015. This serves as the blueprint for NHPS for the preparation of the scheme of universal health coverage schemes for all the citizens of India.

India has faced a lot of catastrophic health events and this has led to the expenditure of huge amount of money from different households. This situation brings the families below poverty level every year. To change this scenario, the scheme is going to be a really effective one. Apart from offering Rs 1 Lakh every year for each family, the government is also going to offer an additional top up package. This will be specifically for the senior citizens. Rs 30000 shall be offered to them.

“Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) is specially designed for girl child in India. A girl whose age is less than 10 years can apply for this scheme.”

The details of scheme

At the initial stage, this scheme is going to help 10 crore families within India. The government is targeting to make this scheme available for the BPL families within India. Apart from those families, people who are within the list of deprivations according to the socio-economic caste census data shall also have this facility. Presently the NHPS is getting the name for implementing this scheme, but according to the official reports, it is not yet confirmed that who are going to implement the final scheme.

“NITI Aayog started Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapari Yojana. Customers and Merchants eligible for this award.”

The positive and negative aspects

But there are certain catch to this scheme. The money shall not be given directly to the families, but it will be offered to the institutions for the services. Well, there are certain positive and negative aspects to this procedure. The positive side is, this money transferring process is going to reduce the out of pocket expenditure of the common people. But the negative aspect of this process, if the money is transferred to the institutions then chances are, the money laundering can take place. Even in the medical centers that are connected with the government cannot be trusted these.

“PM modi started Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan to educate rural area’s people.”

The grading of hospitals

However, the centre where the money shall be transferred, will offer free diagnostics and drugs for the poor. The individual states have been asked to prepare a list of the beneficiaries that are included within the scheme. And the centre shall offer funds for the project. The centre shall grade the hospitals to level of community health centers. Within the next few months, all the hospitals of the country shall be graded depending on the facilities that they provide the sanitation facility, staff protection, waste management protocol and also the treatment protocol. Depending on the feedback offered by the patients, the hospitals shall be graded.

“Women and Child development ministry started Swadhar Greh Scheme to develop women’s condition in India.”

A complete focus towards the poor and BPL communities

For offering a fill-up for the medical education, it was stated that the government is working for the up-gradation of 58 hospitals in those districts that don’t have any medical colleges. The government is also planning to set up AIIMS in all the states. Though the initial reports say that the period of this scheme is for one 5 years, but according to reports the government has stated that if necessary, it will increase the time period and budget as well.

Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana announced by PM Modi at the 31st eve.”

The different aspects of this scheme

One of the major aspects of this scheme is, it will also launch the Renal Dialysis, so that people won’t have to travel to a long distance and bear the high cost for the renal dialysis procedure. Within this program, every district hospital shall have options of renal dialysis. 2000 new dialysis centers shall be developed in this program. Every dialysis costs around Rs 2000 and this brings the annual expenditure of an individual to Rs 3 Lakh. But it will become free of cost now. Apart from that, this scheme will also launch 3000 more generic medical centers throughout the country. This will deal with the shortage of drugs within the rural areas. Well, this is definitely great news for those people residing in the rural areas, but it is not sure yet how the bigger pharmaceutical companies shall react to this situation. Because this initiative might reduce a portion of the business of the bigger pharmaceuticals that offer general drugs for people.

“PM Ujjwala Yojana Scheme, one of the successful schemes launched by Narendra Modi. After the success of this scheme Modi government will start Ujjwala Plus Scheme.”

A tabular overview about the health insurance coverage offered by the central government

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Scheme National Health Protection Scheme
2. Launched 2016-17 budget
3. Launched by The central Health Ministry of India
4. Coverage 1 lakh per family
5. Overall Budget 24000 crore

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