Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans to start at Rs 500

Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans to start at Rs 500

Finally, the much awaited Reliance Jio is out in the market and is having a rave customer interest and reviews in the telecom market. With its free data and calling facility for first three months, it has already touched the feat of having 10 million users within a week, which other telecom operators took years to reach. Moreover, Reliance Jio maker, Shri Mukesh Ambani has also indicated the start of FTTH service for providing easy, fast and affordable internet facilities for each home. This project is near completion and is expected to be launched very soon. This broadband FTTH project will be termed as Jio Fiber. As per some reports, it is being said that the FTTH service will provide internet broadband facility to the homes with affordable rates which might start from Rs. 500 per month.

Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans

How the Reliance jio Fiber To The Home (FTTH) broadband service work?

In India, there is already broadband service provided by some telecom companies including BSNL. But they provide this broadband service through wire-line for private as well as commercial use. The Jio Fiber will use fiber optics to transmit the broadband connection to the users, may be a home private user or a business user. This will result in high transmission of data and establishment of ultra speed internet connection. Reliance promises that the maximum speed it will be providing through their broadband service will be 1 Gbps. This means that a user can easily download a 500 MB video in just 4 seconds, when at maximum speed. Fiber optics enables data to be transmitted without any loss of data speed.

How to set up the Reliance Jio FTTB broadband?

It is expected that Reliance will start its JIO Fiber service in all big and small cities and also in town, where there is Reliance connectivity present. Mukesh Ambani has already promised in his speech to cover the whole India as far as possible with Reliance connectivity. So at first, the user stays in that area where Reliance is providing its Jio broadband service. After this, the company will perform the wiring service for broadband connection. Jio is already offering SIM card based WIFI router to the users priced at Rs. 2,000 approx. It will soon launch the fiber based router for the broadband users. It is expected that those fiber routers will cost nearly Rs. 6,000 approx.

Tariff plans of Reliance Jio Fiber broadband service

The upcoming fiber broadband service by Reliance Jio will have high usability along with affordability tariff packs for the customers. However, there is no official announcement on the tariff plans of jio broadband at present. But some reports reveal that it might have very low tariff rates of broadband services starting from Rs. 500 for a period of 30 days. There might be three categories of plans available for the broadband users. The Silver plan might be the basic plan, the Gold plan might be the moderate one and the Platinum plan might be the best of the pack plan. The tariff plans of Reliance Jio broadband will classified according to speed of connectivity as well as the data volume provided. There will also be choice of unlimited data too. Reliance might also release some special introduction plans too to woo customers and increase its broadband connectivity.

Reliance Jio Fiber broadband Tariff plans based on speed

Some reports reveal the tariff plans of Reliance Jio fiber broadband will be speed dependent. That means, the packs with maximum speed might cost more while lesser speed data packs will cost less. However, the minimum speed to be kept will be 50 mbps. The basic plan will offer a maximum of 2 TB data with highest speed of 50 mbps. The next plan will have 1 TB data and will have the highest speed of 100 mbps. Subsequently, the highest speed to be offered is 600 mbps which may have data bracket of 300 GB. All plans will have validity of 30 days.

Reliance Jio Fiber broadband Tariff plans based on data volume

Also there might be tariff planes which will be based on the volume of data to be used per month. However, there is no clear notification regarding this at present. Some reports suggest that there might be five such volume based plans for the broadband users, which will limit the data usage per day. The basic pack might have 5 GB of data per day with the highest pack with a maximum of 60 GB data per day. The plans will be charged as per their data volume.

Sl. No. Speed Based tariff plans Volume based tariff plans with maximum per day usage limit Validity
Speed Maximum data
1 600 mbps 300 GB 5 GB 30 days
2 400 mbps 500 GB 10 GB 30 days
3 200 mbps 750 GB 20 GB 30 days
4 100 mbps 1 TB 40 GB 30 days
5 50 mbps 2 TB 60 GB 30 days

Special tariff plans of Reliance Jio Fiber

There are also speculations of some special tariff plans which might be introduced which will have flexible data plans according to the usage of customers. There may be plans which will be valid for only one day with unlimited data usage. This one day pack may cost Rs. 400. Similarly, the premium pack may cost Rs. 1,000 which will be valid for 30 days. It will provide highest speed of 25 Mbps and data volume of 500 GB.

Welcome offer expected

After the official launch of Reliance Jio, it announced a welcome offer of 3 months for every new connection. Under this offer, unlimited 4G data usage and calling can be done. After this period, the customers will only have to pay for the data and the calls will be free of charge. Similar welcome offer is also expected for the Jio Fiber users too. They may also get the taste of unlimited and high speed data for free for some time, initially.

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