Book Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE Phones @ Rs. 999- Rs 1500 (Video by technical Guruji Gaurav Chaudhary)

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE Phones @ Rs. 999- Rs 1500 (Video by Technical Guruji Gaurav Chaudhary) (Launch Date, How to book or buy)

Another miracle from Reliance is going to happen, which is going to change the face of the smart phone industry, very soon. Reliance Jio has planned to launch a smart phone for Rs. 999 only which will have all common specifications needed these days. The Reliance Jio has already created waves with its free internet plans for the introductory offer and has now set their eye on creating similar waves by selling all time cheapest smart phones in recent times. Reliance is building up its marketing strategy to officially launch its new smart phones in the Indian smart phone market.

Technical specifications expected from the new Reliance Jio phones

Reliance has promised the phones will have all important features and specifications which are needed for consumers these days. This phone will be marketed at a retail price of Rs. 999 and will have 4G connectivity. Below are some specifications to be expected from this upcoming smart phone from Reliance:

  • The smart phones from Reliance Jio will have Fourth Gen (4G) support which is the latest technology in the segment of mobile network and internet speed.
  • The phones will be VoLTE based which means your mobile will have greater coverage with clarity in calls and increased call quality.
  • Voice calls will be free of cost and will be VoLTE based.
  • SMS sending will be unlimited also.
  • Cameras, both front and rear, having moderate resolution. The camera quality might not be the greatest but will surely be ok.
  • Should come bundled with a Reliance Jio SIM connection which will need Aadhar details for registration.
  • Jio money wallet installed to make cashless transactions easier.
  • My Jio apps which offer bundles of important apps to be run exclusively on Jio enabled handsets.
  • Battery backup must last at least for one day for average internet surfing and other usage.
  • Internal memory is expected to be no less than 1 GB and could be extended up to 2 GB.
  • Should be available in different new colors.
  • Should have access to Google Play Store.

Introduction of two new models

As per reports from Reliance, the new Jio smart phones will be launched in two new variants. One will be priced at Rs. 999 as mentioned above. Another smart phone will be available for Rs. 1,500 which will have slightly better specifications than the cheap one. Both the two phones are expected to grip on the smart-phone market very soon. At present, if a customer plans to buy a phone with 4G calling and VoLTE support, he/she will have to shell at least Rs 8,000 – Rs. 10,000. As per analysts, this move by Reliance will once again force the other smart phone manufacturers to re think their productivity and come up with new and less-costly mobiles.

Segment which Reliance Jio cheap VoLTE phones will target

As per market reports, around 50 per cent of India’s population who use mobiles prefer leaning on the feature phones which comes less in their price tag, in respect to other branded smart phones. Hence, Reliance will target to start their campaign in such a manner so that only the customers of feature phones will be attracted. Previously, it has launched the LYF branded smart phones which had 4G connectivity and VoLTE support within a price range of Rs. 2,999 – Rs. 4,000. Those phones are also highly successful in the Indian market. However, the low price phones to be launched with prices of Rs. 999 and Rs. 1,500 is expected to be very popular with people living in the rural and semi-urban areas of the country and as less as school and college going students.

Expected date of launch

Reliance has not yet confirmed the exact date of launch of these low cost Jio smart phones. The total no. of subscribers of Reliance Jio connections has already crossed the 50 million mark after the official launch on 5th September, 2016. The introductory offer to all its subscribers who were given SIM cards free of cost and provided facilities of unlimited 4G voice calls, unlimited SMSs, video calls, high speed 4G internet surfing, live TV, etc. Previously, the offer was valid till December 31st, but has been extended till 31st March, 2017 with an eye to reach the mark of 100 million subscribers. Hence, the low cost Jio 4G VoLTE phones might get its launch soon before the offer period finishes.

Manufacturing of these low cost Reliance Jio phones

Reports suggest that Reliance is depending on Indian phone manufacturing companies to manufacture its upcoming low end phones in India. Lava, which is one of the leading Indian smart phone manufacturers, has tied up with Reliance to bring these phones in market. These Jio phones will have branding of both Lava as well as Reliance.

Product marketing

Reliance is providing its Jio connections from the Reliance Digital stores and other small booths. Similarly, these low cost phones are expected to hit the shelves first at the Digital stores. However, it might also depend on online marketing. Vendors will visit the smaller towns and villages to reach these low cost Jio phones to people.

Reliance Jio 4G Volte rs 999 phone video by Technical Guruji Gaurav Chaudhary

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