Saksham Jharkhand Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Saksham Jharkhand Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future. Particularly in Jharkhand, where various parameters are planned for the growth of young. Our country has big power of the youth. About one million youth between 20-30 age groups are there in the state. This is about 32 per cent of the total number of lives.

The CM of the state announced that the state government was initiating the scheme to train people and make them able to get jobs and self employed. He said that our main target is to promoting the honest workers. It is quoted that the appointments will be over 40000 in the upcoming year 2017.  And around 18 thousand teachers along with 2200 forest officer will be placed in various places.

Under this scheme, young women will be made self-supporting by giving them professional training. They will also provide employment. It stopped migration of young’s to other state. He said that the government’s priority is employment and self-employment.

What is Saksham Jharkhand Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

This scheme is basically for the young. They will provide training to the youth according to their skill in their own district. This scheme is only for the Jharkhand youth so that poverty level in youth can be control. As there are large numbers of youths in the Jharkhand who have no job in hand after completing their education because of lack of required skills for the job. That is the reason that chief minister planned to start Saksham Jharkhand Kaushal Vikas Yojana for the youth.

Better trainer will send to Singapore by the government

The chief minister said that good trainer will send to the Singapore for further training. In stating 95 centres for training will be stated. Students will provide training in these centres free of cost. It is planned that in the next five years, 20 million people will be trained

The chief minister of the Jharkhand state said that about 20 million people in the next five years will be linked with this newly proposed skill development training scheme. The young women who has to go to other states just for Rs 5 to 7 thousand for the job, they will now only work in Jharkhand. The children will be trained accordingly.

He also said that training in various fields like agriculture, Automotive, construction, electronics, health care, IT, plumbing, Tourism and Hospitality, Apparel, Beauty & Wellness, capital goods, domestic workers, food processing, iron and steel, logistics and retail will be given to the young in the training centre free of cost. 

Saksham Jharkhand Kaushal Vikas Yojana Main Features

  • Saksham Jharkhand Kaushal Vikas Yojana Main Features is it is an initiative towards providing employment to trained youths so that they can get good job.
  • So the Interested youths who join will get a possibility of training as a part of this scheme and this training will be free of cost.
  • Different training centres are allotted in different districts of state so that student need not move to other districts for training and they can get the training in their own districts
  • The main Vision of this Vikas scheme is to offer jobs for around 20 Lakh unemployed youths from the state in upcoming next 5 years.
  • Under this scheme the youth who are between the ages of 18 to 35 will be trained, by the expertise personals of the Jharkhand state. For this around 95 centres has been identified and training classes are scheduled to be carried there.

As per the announcement made from the relevant authority members of the state government, around 9 thousand unemployed youths from Jharkhand state expected to be benefited. As this is good scheme for the youth and they can get lot of job chances after this training. Therefore we advise all people to register for the scheme and avail benefits of it.

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