Swadhar Greh Scheme

All about Swadhar Greh Scheme

In the year of 2012, the women welfare scheme Swdhar Greh was launched by the Women and Child development ministry of government of India, in order to sort out the difficulties faced by the women in the Indian society. The scheme mainly focuses on the women who are left alone and to be dependable to nobody in the society and to the women victim of the natural calamities.

Swadhar Greh Scheme

Swadhar Greh Scheme

The union government launches this special care taking scheme for the women by offering basis amenities like food, clothes, shelter and so. The main intention of the scheme is to provide support by assisting women who are facing hard times for their survival in the society. The scheme also supports the women who became victim of typical and unfortunate situation to lead their life at ease. Under this scheme the victimized women’s are provided assistance after understanding the distress and situation of each and every one, also officials under this scheme offers telephonic support to the needed beneficiaries.

Key Features of the Swadhar Greh Scheme:

  • With the total capacity of accommodating 30 persons, special Swadhar Greh has been set up in districts of the every state in order to provide necessary assistance to the needed women.
  • The Swadhar Greh’s which are established in the districts will be expanded in future in such way to assist more number of women beneficiaries somehow in between the numbers of 50 to 100.
  • Apart from the providing necessary basic living assistance for the women victims of the society, this welfare scheme is also providing support for the women in form of social and economical as well.
  • In addition to those benefits, the eligible women can able to avail legal support from the relevant department under this welfare scheme. This act will surely boost women in terms of emotionally and to be readjusted in the society.
  • For the improving the living standards the victimized women, this welfare scheme offers skill based training to the wiling beneficiaries by using the opportunities women can able to grab the economical rehabilitation.

Eligibility to avail benefits under this scheme

  • The applicant must be the above the age limit of 18 and should be in the state of deserted in the society without being depended to anyone in terms of physical and also in economical too.
  • The women prisoners and the women who left along due to being a victim of surviving the natural calamities or any other unfortunate circumstance can be eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • Also women who are suffering due to domestic violence, suffering from the life threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS, living along due to martial disputes and suffering women due to any subsistence can avail benefits under this scheme.

Documents required and Admission procedures followed in Swadhar Greh schemes

  • Just like other beneficiary schemes, this one too requires applicant’s photo ID Proof, Identity Proof along by submitting Aadhaar card. Since Aadhaar card is mandatory, if the applicant doesn’t own any proper steps will be initiated to avail new one soon.
  • Apart from that, a proper medical checkups will conducted by the government doctors in order to make records of the medical data of the applicants and if the applicant founded as suffering from the life threatening diseases means proper assistance will be offered under the relevant medical care centers.
  • Processing of admission starts from the initial step of background check of the applicant by enquiring the referred personals. Also special interview sections will be carried by the official counselor in order to judge the applicant status.
  • As per the data collected by the initial background check, proper assistance will be provided to the applicant under this women welfare scheme by identifying the suitable services required by the applicant.
  • Complete details about the applicant will be gathered by the admitting officials under this scheme, the details include the information about the family, children, parents and other personal details of the applicant.
  • After completing those initial and basic process, the details of the applicant will be sent to the nearby police station with the information of admitting the applicant under this care taking scheme. The FIR copy/acknowledge receipt which will be responded within 24 hours from the police department will be filed along with the records of the individual beneficiaries.

Whom to contact in order to get admitted or get information about this scheme

Women who are eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme can contact the support executives of this scheme by dialing the toll free number of 121. Also the eligible women can approach the nearby police station, where they can convey their willing to join as the beneficiaries of Swadhar Greh. Else there are several NGO’s in the society where the victimized women can approach them to get assistance from them to join under this scheme.

Collected data about the Swadhar Greh scheme

As far the data released by the government officials in the financial year of 2014 -2015 there are over 4500 women rehabilitation centers and over 300 Swadhar Greh homes for women are active under this scheme all over the nation. In order to proceed things at ease the fund are released to the NGO’s of the nation on yearly basis, those NGO’s are take the responsibility of implementing the women rehabilitation centers across the nation.

As the entire nation is looking toward the women empowerment, by launching these kinds of special scheme which caters the needs of victimized women and children by the ministry of women and child development would surely help the weaker gender in the society to shine on their own.

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