www.upavp.com Free Housing Scheme for Poor in Uttar Pradesh

www.upavp.com Free Housing Scheme for Poor in Uttar Pradesh

The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh is about to provide free houses for the poor people of the state who are not able to afford for their eating, the state CM has launched a special housing scheme for the benefits of the homeless poor people of UP as per the proposal of “The Housing and Urban Planning Department”. The scheme provides low priced houses for affordable rates to the low income category and for EWS people at free of cost, however the eligible people must not have houses of their own.

Free Housing Scheme for Poor in Uttar Pradesh

Important Details about the Uttar Pradesh free housing Scheme

S.No Important Details Description
1 Scheme Name Yogi Adityanath Free Housing Scheme for poor in Uttar Pradesh
2 Official site for this free housing scheme https://www.upavp.com/
3 Free housing scheme launched by UP State CM Mr. Yogi Adityanath
4 When it scheme announced? Scheme was announced in the mid of April 2017
5 Free housing scheme will be organized by Housing and Urban Planning Department of Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility Factor

  • Since, the scheme was meant for the people of the Uttar Pradesh state applicant for this scheme must be from the Uttar Pradesh state.
  • LIG And EWS : Also, as the scheme states, the applicant can avail free low priced houses from the UP state government only if they comes under the category of LIG (Low Income Group) or EWS (Economically Weaker Section). As per the data released by the ministry of housing and urban Poverty Alleviation, households with the annual income of around 3 to 5 lakh will be considered in the group and can avail all the welfares allocated by the government.  Urban people whose annual income falls below of up to the Rs. One lakh are considered as the EWS and they can avail all the welfares schemes benefits launched by the governments at free of cost.
  • Garib Kalyan Card (Poor welfare card): In addition to those, people who own the poor welfare card also known as the Garib Kalyan Card also can apply for this free housing scheme introduced by the UP state government. It is the card which determines the people economic status. The card was issues to the people who are from Economic Weaker Section, in order to receive all the scholarship, benefits of welfare schemes and so.

Key Features of this free housing scheme for poor

  • The main intention of this housing scheme launched by the Yogi state government in UP is to clear the slums and to offer houses to the poor people of the state.
  • Under this scheme, poor homeless people who are really can’t afford to pay for their houses will be given free houses under this scheme, mostly such free houses will be distributed for EWS group. And for LIG, houses will be provided as affordable rates.

How to get Application Form and to apply for this scheme?

Though, there hasn’t any exact application procedure was announced by the state government of Uttar Pradesh, it is strongly believed that applications and applying procedures for this free housing scheme will be carried in online via the official site https://www.upavp.com and to know more about the subsidy details and housing information visit http://awas.up.nic.in

Number of beneficiary 

It is expected that around 35 Lakh poor families who are issued with the poor welfare card will receive free houses under this scheme apart from that several families which are listed as LIG category will be assisted financially by the government to avail houses under this scheme for affordable rates.

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