Inter Caste Marriage Scheme in Punjab

Inter – Caste Marriage scheme in Punjab Scheduled Caste  [Rs 75000 Financial Help]

Marriage is an important day in the lives of all young couples. But many people find it difficult to arrange enough cash to get their daughters or sons married. The number of such poor families is significantly high in Punjab. To assist these financially weak families, the Punjab government has announced a new welfare scheme. Under this program, selected candidates will get financial assistance from state authority. This money will be spent on the marriage ceremony.

SC, St and Inter Caste Scheme in Punjab

Launch details of the scheme

This new welfare scheme will be implemented in Punjab as soon as possible. The official announcement was made during the latter part of November, 2017. In Punjab, SCs, STs and other Minority Welfare Department can avail the scheme. The announcement took place in the presence of the state’s CM.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowering backwards classes of Punjab – With the implementation of this scheme, poor and needy people of backward classes will be empowered. They will no longer have to worry about arranging money for marriage purpose.
  2. Monetary assistance for marriage – Under this scheme, the state government of Punjab has decided to provide every couple belonging to SC caste, with monetary assistance. If the marriage is inter-caste, even then this monetary assistance will be provided.
  3. Amount per couple – As per the announcement, each couple, who has been selected by the respective welfare department, will acquire a sum of Rs. 75,000. But the full amount will not be handed over to the couples.
  4. Amount given to the organizers –Rs. 15,000 amount will be given to the NGO or the organization that has the responsibility of arranging for the marriage. This amount will be given for each couple they assist in getting married.
  5. Purchasing necessary things for marriage – Rs. 65,000 will be utilized by the couples to purchase things for their future life. They can spend this amount for attaining jewelry, wedding clothes, and household things.
  6. Implementing agencies – For organizing successful these marriages, NGOs will help state government along with the many intended organizations. These organizations will be monitored by officers from the respective state department.
  7. Funded by state authority – The entire scheme is funded by Punjab government. Apart from managing the administrational aspects, it will also provide money for meeting the cost of implementing this scheme.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. Residential criterion – The scheme was developed and designed for people of Punjab only. Thus, it is mandatory for interested applicants to be legal residents of this region.
  2. Caste related criterion – SC caste people can only opt for this scheme. Moreover, the inter caste married couple can have the rewards of this scheme as well.
  3. Age related criterion – It is mandatory for both the bride and the groom to be of legal age. If they are below the legal age, they will not be able to get these benefits.
  4. Income related criterion – As this scheme will provide respite to poor and backward people, either the bride or the groom must belong to low income groups.

Important documents required

  1. Residential documents – While making the application, the applicants must attach residential certificates. These documents will indicate that they are legal residents of this state.
  2. Age proof – As government only allows people above the legal age to get married, each candidate will have to attach their age certificates with the form.
  3. Income certificate – It is mandatory for either the bride or the groom to belong to low income groups. Thus, that party will have to attach their income certificate with the application.
  4. BPL certificate – To ensure that the monetary assistance is going to poor candidates; the state has said that attachment of the BPL certificate is a must.
  5. Caste certificate – There are certain caste related criteria that must be fulfilled. So, all candidates must attach a photocopy of their caste certificate as well.
  6. Aadhar card – As announced by the central government, all candidates interested in acquiring this monetary assistance must possess their Aadhar cards. The cods will be required for registration.

Applying for the scheme

As the scheme has been launched recently, the state government has not finalized any application methodology. Soon it will officially make the necessary announcements and the task of its implementation will also start.


With this scheme, the state authority of Punjab will be able to assist backward and poor people, belonging to specific castes, to get married, without worrying about the expenses. This time, State Government has really proffers the welfare scheme for the prosperity of people.

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