Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation Scheme in Kerala

Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation Scheme in Kerala Financial Package Help Upto 5 lakh Apply Beneficiary (കേരളത്തിലെ സറണ്ടർ-കം-റീഹാബിലിറ്റേഷൻ സ്കീം)

The presence of Maoist forces have been detected in Kerala. The stage authority has recently launched a new program that will encourage the members of the extremist group to shun violence and join the mainstream. The name of the project is Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation Scheme, where financial assistance will be given to candidates who surrender their arms.

Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation Scheme in Kerala

Launch details

On the 9th of May, 2018, the Chief Minister of Kerala made this announcement, while he was addressing a meeting. Pinarayi Vijayan said though Maoist presence is a reality in the state, it is not too serious, as it is in some other states.

Main benefit of the scheme

The scheme will not only encourage Maoist candidates to leave behind violence, but will also offer them rehabilitation packages.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Curbing Maoist issues peacefully – Violence only breeds violence. It is better to use peaceful methods to curb the activities of extremist groups. For this, the Kerala state government has designed a new rehabilitation project.
  2. Identification of category –The state will classify the candidates as per their position in the group and the kind of activities they had partaken in.
  3. Housing facility for the members – Apart from the financial assistance, the state will also offer proper houses to these candidates. It is also a part of the rehabilitation package.
  4. Maoist infested areas – During the state assembly meeting, the CM listed some of the districts, which have Maoist presence. They are Wayanad, Malappuram, Palakkad, Kannur and Kozhikode. More stress will be given on the implementation of the scheme in these areas.
  5. Welfare of tribal youth – The state government will also work for development of tribal people. To initiate this project, 75 young male and female candidates, from tribal categories, have been recruited in civil police team.

Categories of rehabilitation package

  1. Category I – All Maoist candidates, who have been associated with the top rank Maoist leaders, will be placed under Category I. These members will be offered a rehabilitation package of Rs. 5 lakhs. In case the person desire to pursue education, state authority will offer Rs. 15,000. In case the person desires to marry, he/she will receive Rs. 25,000. If the candidates desire to get professional skill development, he/she will acquire Rs. 10,000 grant for three consecutive months.
  2. Category II – Maoist candidates who fall in the Category II A and II B will stand a chance to get Rs. 3 lakhs from the state. This will also be offered in installments.
  3. Surrendering fire arms – Maoist candidates who desire to surrender their fire arms, for instance, the AK 47s will get additional Rs. 25,000.

Some of the districts in Kerala have Maoist presence. But the CM was quick to follow this statement with another fact that the activities of these gangs have not prevented the development of people of the area in any way.

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