Bahubali 2 Vs PK Vs Dangal Box Office Collection including China

Bahubali 2 Vs Bahubali 1 Vs PK Vs Dangal Box Office Collection

Type of the Collection Bahubali : The Conclusion Box Office Collection (World Wide) Baahubali: The Beginning Box Office Collection (World Wide) Type of the Collection PK  (India) Dangal (India)
World Wide Gross Collection 212.6 Cr 650.3 Cr Total Gross Collections in India 463 Cr 542.34
World Wide  Share Collections 121.7 Cr 325.7 Cr Total Net Collections in India 340.9 Cr 387.39
Total Gross Collections in India 152.6 Cr 511.35 cr Overseas Gross 213 Cr 202.00
Total Net Collections in India 121 Cr 320cr Total World wide 792 Cr 741 Cr
First day 212.6 Cr N/A 1st Day 26 Cr 29.78 Cr
2 Days (Total) 356.5 Cr N/A 2nd Day 29.50 Cr 34.82 Cr
3 Days  (Total) 506.2 Cr 165 Cr 3rd Day 37 Cr 42.35 Cr
4 Days (Total) 190 Cr 4th Day 21 Cr 25.48 Cr
5 Days (Total) 215 Cr


5th Day 19 Cr 23.07 Cr
6 Days (Total) 225 Cr 6th Day 19.5-20 Cr 21.20 Cr
7 Days (Total) 240 Cr 7th Day 180 Cr 20.29 Cr

Until today ie 16th May as per boxofficeindia Bahubali 2 have collected around rs 1425 cr worldwide. Dangal had earlier earned around rs 720 Cr before china release. But till now China release of Dangal is donning wonders, it has even crossed its Indians all time collection. In terms of all time collection Dangal is just behind Bahubali 2 now. Interestingly bahubali 2 will be released in China and Japan after some time.


Box-office collections: Bahubali I vs. Dangal

There has been an unseen competition between the two film industries as both have been trying to outdo the other in respect to the box-office collection. A lot of hoopla was created in the Telahu Film Industry with the release of Bahubali: The Beginning, in the year 2015. It has an estimated budget of 160 crores. The Hindi Film Industry released Dangal in the year 2016. This was started and produced by Amir Khan. These two movies faced stiff competition in the box-office not only in India but also abroad.

When Bahubali: The Beginning was released in the country and overseas, it collected huge revenue of 594 Crores. It did a business of 522 Crores in India alone and gathered 72.38 Crores from the overseas. The movie broke all box-office collection records as it was dubbed in four languages simultaneously.

During the promotion of the movie Dangal, producer and actor Amir Khan always maintained that the story was the main hero of the film. Though it was not a very high budget movie, it easily wowed the audience. The film ruled the box-office for many weeks and collected around 380 Crores. The movie also scored well outside India and made a huge profit.

Bahubali: The Conclusion – How will the box-office react?

For now, all eyes are fixed on the release of the Bahubali: The Conclusion. This is by far the most expensive film ever produced in India (estimated budget 200 Crores). According to the reports, the sequel has already bagged around 500 Crores just by selling the theatrical rights. The movie is scheduled to release on the 14th April, 2017. According to the box-office gurus’ predictions, the movie will rake in nothing less than 20 Crores on the day of its release. It will be followed by 48 Crores, and 52 Crores on the 2nd and the 3rd day respectively. The first weekend collection will not be less than 160 Crores. If this trend continues then the movie will easily bag 230 in the very first week. Thus, it will be safe to say that the movie will be the biggest grossing film ever to be released on Indian soil till date.

Tabular Comparison

Name Dangal Baahubali: The Beginning (Baahubali 1) Baahubali: The Conclusion (Baahubali 2)
Release Date 23 /12/2016 10 /07/ 2015 28 /04/ 2017
Running Time of Movie in Hours 2.66667 hr 2.63333 hr (Telugu)

2.65 hr (Tamil)

Language Hindi Telugu and Tamil Telugu and Tamil
Budget 70 crores In INR 120 crore In INR 200 crore In INR
Box Office Collection 700 crores In INR 650 crore In INR Upcoming

The Bollywood waits for abated heart for any movie that has Amir Khan in it. He is one actor who is known for this dedication, commitment and sense of perfection. It is this perfection that has helped him in portraying any role on the silver screen. With the release of Dangal, this versatile actor has immortalized another character on the silver screen.

In the same way, Prabhas is also known for his strong portrayal of various kinds of characters. He has been gathering a lot of accolades for his portrayal of the character Bahubali in the movie “Bahubali: The Beginning”. The latest Dharma production venture was so successful in striking the right chords with the public that within one year the sequel “Bahubali: The Conclusion” is ready to captivate the audience yet again.

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