– NITI Aayog’s COVID The New Normal Portal Behavior Change Campaign – NITI Aayog’s COVID The New Normal Portal Behavior Change Campaign

The ‘Navigating The New Normal’ has been launched by NITI Aayog by the central government which is part of the behavior change campaign. The portal launch has been done in partnership with Centre for Social and Behavioral Change (CSBC), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Ministries of Health and WCD and Ashoka University. The main objective of the campaign is to spread awareness of wearing masks. Read on to know more about the new portal launch.

Launch details of the portal

Main aim of the portal launchMedia campaign is focusing on wearing of masks
Portal has been launched by NITI Aayog
NGOs and civil society organizations under NITI Aayog92,000 NGOs and civil society organizations
New campaign is developed byGuidance of Empowered Group 6
New portal of the

What are the features of the portal launch?

  • Main focus of the portal launch – The main objective of the campaign is to spread the awareness among individuals about the need of wearing masks during the unlocking phase of COVID-19.
  • Virtual launch of NITI Aayog – A total of 92, 000 NGOs and civil society organizations have come up with NITI Aayog and participated in the virtual launch of the initiative
  • Campaign under the guidance – The Empowered Group 6 along with assistance from Health Ministry have helped the in launch of the campaign

Therefore, with the correct launch of the campaign, NITI Aayog is trying to make citizens aware of the need for practice of wearing masks and maintain social distancing. This practice behavior shall help to design a healthy environment for the citizens living in it.

What are the steps to access the New Normal Portal?

  1. First, you have to visit the official portal at
  2. As the portal opens up, you have to click on the new normal link.
  3. Here, you can get the guidelines for different sectors like nutrition, healthcare, public transport, and the like. The direct links for each of these sectors are given.
  4. The link for Healthcare Messaging Social Distancing is click here .
  5. Get details of Public Transport Messaging Social Distancing at click here.
  6. The Nutrition Messaging Social Distancing is available at link.

Through the several links available, one can check for the details of the protective measures that should be followed in different sectors.

What are the details of two components contained in the COVID campaign?

  1. The first component is about the portal relating to the new normal contain information given by behavioral science and helps others use the social norms suggested
  2. The second component is about media campaigning that shall spread the need for wearing masks

How can the campaign tackle the spread of the pandemic?

As part of behavior change, we need to wear masks everything we are outside and maintain proper social distancing. This can help prevent the spread of the pandemic. The behavioral change is important to be followed in areas like small factories which consist of a large part of the population.

Such groups should be made aware of the spread of the virus. As a result of this, they should know how to take the required measures and prevent the spread of COVID-19. By the launch of the campaign, it shall help the citizens to accept behavioral science and put them into practice. It is important to encourage the practice of such simple steps and manners to prevent the pandemic spread any further. By reinforcing the behavioural practice, the central government is trying to make this habits part of our daily routine. The main motive is to insist on the public to include this in the daily routine and wear masks. Indians need to accept this behavioral change for the good of society at large.  

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