Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana Haryana

Deen Dayal  Jan Awas Yojana Haryana

Aim – The Haryana government has launched this project with the aim to identify areas which as of now have low or medium potential for growth and develop them with living colonies to make them affordable for people to purchase.

Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana Haryana

  • Benefits of the Deen Dayal scheme of Housing Policy

  • Government envisages to be able to provide homes at the rate of Rs. 1521 per square foot in areas like Panchkula.
  • It is expected to arrest the growth of unauthorized housing colonies all over the state.
  • Key features of Deen Dayal Awas Yojana or Affordable Plotted Housing Policy 2016

  • Interested builders would have to purchase the land for the project themselves.
  • Land owners have the freedom to sell their land at market price
  • The time line set for completion of the projects is seven years from the date at which the license is accorded.
  • The area for development of these projects is only those that have been notified by the government.
  • The minimum area under which such a project can be developed has been set at 5 acres and the maximum area is 15 acres. This includes the road building area that is required also.
  • License for the building project would be given for 5 acres at the first go and then in steps of 2 acres till the limit of 15 acres.
  • Eligibility criteria for grant of license under Deen Dayal Awas Yojana Scheme

  • Rule 3 of the Haryana Development and Regulations of Urban Areas Rules, 1976 species the format for license application format.
  • Notification of the program was on 08 Feb 2016 and the application time period was fixed at 90 days from the notification date.
  • Applications would be accepted till the entire land area under the designated places has been exhausted, however the limit specified for each project would not be surpassed.
  • For cases where the applications received exceed the total area earmarked for the project , then the first option exercised by the administration would be to grant license for 5 acre for each project to all applicants. If the total application area exceeds yet , then the administration would consider increase of total area earmarked.
  • Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of an application would be completed with six months from date of application.
  • License fees

  • Given the fact that the project would be limited in scope to start with , the license fee being set for town which has medium growth potential is Rs. 1 lakh for every acre of the project.
  • In case of township earmarked as having low growth potential, the license fee is Rs. 10,000 for every acre.
  • There would be fees levies for scrutiny of the application as per standard rates applicable currently by the Housing Development of Haryana.
  • 25 percent of the IDW would be the bank guarantee amount and has to be submitted along with the application. Alternately the applicant can mortgage 15 percent of the saleable area as bank guarantee.

Below listed Tables elaborates the solutions for the frequently raised Questions by Common man.

S. No Frequently Raised Questions by Users Answer
1 What the mail motive behind deen dayal jan awas yojana? It’s a scheme to develop plotted colonies in low and medium level towns of each state, by allowing private builders to build those colonies.
2 Under this scheme, how much area will be covered by builders for making those plotted colonies? As per the deen dayal jan awas yojana, builder can able to avail 2 to 10 acres of land for building those affordable colonies.
3 Any deadlines for builders under this scheme for completing the colonies? Yes! All builders should complete their colonies within 7 years of getting licensed.
4 What is the estimated license fee for building these colonies? For constructing Medium level houses it would 1Lakh amount will be levied for one acre. And for low potential housing colonies Rs.10, 000 should be levied per acre.
5 Is that scheme deen dayal jan awas yojana was one among the initiatives to achieve PM Modi’s goal of providing houses for all Indian citizen? Yes! It too comes under Prime Minister Modi’s Goal. But under this scheme builders needs to develop infra structures apart from housing colonies.



It is estimated that around 1 Lakh plotted housing colonies are to be constructed in and around several towns of Haryana. Experts suggest this housing projects and one among the strong initiative to develop strong infra structure in low and medium level towns across the nation.

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