E scholarship – in MP

E scholarship – in MP

The introduction of e-scholarship has been introduced by the government of Madhya Pradesh and with such implementation number of students across the state will be benefited with the scholarship. By this concept the state became the first state to help the students to have E scholarship.

Essential step by the government

With such scheme the government has come up with some essential steps and these steps proved to very useful for the students across the state. The steps by the government are listed in the points given below:

  • As per the government of Madhya Pradesh, an amount of rupees eighty two lakh has been sanctioned for the students and that too directly into their accounts.
  • The step is an essential step for the nation to have digital payments. With such implementation the student can realize about the importance of digital payment.
  • The government is running more than 30 schemes across the state of Madhya Pradesh. Thereby it has been useful for the students to fight and work hard for their place and percentages.
  • With such schemes the government has come up with an amount of rupees 500 crore per year and the amount is entirely invested for the benefits of the student.

Inauguration of the scheme

The department which is associated with education in Madhya Pradesh has become one of the popular department of the nation to implement the first E scholarship facilities. Thereby the state has provided an important focus on the education of the student. The scheme is being introduced by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of the state. The chief minister has announced on Thursday that the students from first class to twelfth class will be supported with the scholarship and for that around 80 lakhs student will be helped with the scheme. The student will have lot of benefits from this particular scheme and that too directly into their accounts.

The government has prepared a list of beneficiaries around 82 lakhs and all the beneficiaries will be awarded with the scholarships and the scholarships will be directly transferred to their account. Thereby the government is trying hard to implement this plan and aiming to have a successful output for the development of the student as well as for the state. The students are the future of the nation and with their improvement one can expect to have the development within the nation. Thereby the government has also come with raised the concept of digital India and the essence of such concept.

Importance of digitization

The implementation of E scholarship has been essential for the people across the nation. But the ideas on online payment or internet use have not been common in rural areas but with the implementation of E scholarship the students can be benefited. Apart from the benefits, the students are getting to know about digital India. The concept of digitization will be known to them and thereby the students will get aware about the digitization process and in the coming days they will be equipped with such facilities. As a result the payment or the transaction will be better with the digital India.

Benefits of this particular scheme

The chief minister of the state has launched the scheme with an intention and with such intention the government has come up with several advantages and these benefits are listed in the points given below:

  • The scheme has allowed people to have better opportunity for students to study hard.
  • The scheme has also allowed student to come out of the rural areas and thereby the state can have better literacy rate.
  • The scheme has helped number of poor family to support the students with their education. Thus the use of schemes has allowed number of students to get better exposure.
  • The scheme has directly or indirectly helped the state to improve the literacy rate of the state thus leading to have better development in the field of education.
  • The implementation of the scheme has also allowed the nation to have better development in the field of education and that will directly lead to the development of the nation.
  • The use of digitization for the purpose of students has also allowed the student to realize the importance of digital India and thereby the concept can be enhanced from the root as the students are the future and the root for the development of a nation.


The use of this scheme implemented by the chief minister of this state has helped the students. This may also inspire other states to implement such concept. The students are not only having the best benefits with the direct payment into the account but also helped them to understand about the digital India. Thus the nation is developed with the modern concept and the modern concept is leading to the development of the nation.


Name E-scholarship
Implemented by Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Chief Minister )
State involved Madhya Pradesh
Beneficiaries Students from 1st Standard to 12th Standard

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