Eligibility Criteria under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Eligibility Criteria under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana was implemented in 2015. It has two separate components, one for the people living in urban areas and the other to meet the requirements of people living in the rural regions. According to the requirements of the people living in these areas, the eligibility criteria are different.


Eligibility Criteria under the Pradhan Mantri Awas YojanaPMAY Urban Eligibility Criteria

    1. For candidates of EWS – All applying candidates who do not earn more than 3 lakhs during each financial year, they will be categorized as EWS or Economically Weaker Section. They will stand a chance to get a new permanent home under the program.
    2. For LIG candidates – This category will consist of candidates who have an annual earning that is m more than 3 lakhs but does not exceed the mark of 6 lakhs. This category is termed as Low Income Group.
    3. For middle income groups (MIG 1 and 2) – The Middle Income Group has been divided into two separate sections. The MIG1 consists of all those individuals who earn no more than 12 lakhs during one financial year. They will get a credit of 9 lakhs. The MIG2 consist of those candidates who get a yearly remuneration that is not more than 18 lakhs. They will acquire a credit of 12 lakhs.
    4. Women candidates – Apart from the above mentioned groups, even single women and widows, who do not have any other earning members in the family, will be allowed to submit an application to get a new home.
    5. Under privileged classes – It has been mentioned in the draft of this scheme that all under-privileged classes like OBC, SC, ST, who meet the other requirements, will be allowed to apply for this scheme. Any person who falls in the minority group will be able to apply under this welfare program.
    6. No access to pucca home – The most important eligibility criteria, that all people need to fulfill, no matter which income group they belong to is they must not own a permanent house in any state.

    PMAY Rural Eligibility Criteria

    1. Residence related criteria – Much like the urban scheme, it has been highlighted in the rural scheme that only those candidates will be allowed to apply for a home if they live in the rural areas.
    2. No permanent home – Though no specific income related criteria has been mentioned for the people in the rural area, it has been mentioned that only those candidates will be able to apply for a new permanent house, if they did not have a permanent abode. People who lived in rented homes can also apply under this scheme.
    3. Person needs to have his name in SECC 2011 list.
    4. Applicant having women would be given preference



Modi Ji aims to get all the eligible person a pucca house before 2022

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  1. I want this scheme. Our household income is low. we belongs to LIG group.

    LIG: LIG or Low Income Group people are also eligible to get benefits under PMAY. To be classified under LIG you will have to prove that your annual household income is between Rs. 3lakh and 6 lakh.

  2. plzz give any important notification regarding this yojana on my email address

  3. I want the detail of scheme PMAY:
    1. How to get the preject registered with Govt Dept by the builder
    2. Detail of respective dept with Mail id & Contact detail in respective states like Navi Mumbai Maharashtra,
    3. How to apply by an individual for availing the benefits : like detail of authority, Form to be filled up, Any help line to get the detail.

  4. I am from OBC caste, annual income is below 150000/-, how can I apply for this scheme?

  5. I am a defense employee. I belongs to obc category. My annual income is between 3-4 lakhs.I’m the only income source of my family.my family belongs father ,mother,younger brother and grand mother. I am 25 yeras old.can I apply for this scheme?

  6. Hi am female employee in MNC company with annual income 6 to 12 lacks. I have registered flat in Pune , Pisoli area in Jan 2015. However, I still have not received possession. Please suggest if still I can avail pradhan Mantri Awas yojana Urban area.

    • hii, have u made inquiry at your bank to apply to the scheme PMAY?

    • I have booked a flat recently and my annual income is between 6-7 Lakh .ldont have any pica house in my name except our hereditary house which is in the name of my late father. Am I eligible?

  7. I purchase one flat in mumbai in 2017 maharashtra, by selling my first old flat in 2014.Can i eligible for pradhan mantri aawas yojana?

  8. I recently baought a house in uttam nagar delhi in 2016.
    my income is 4 lakh per year am i eligible to get pradhan mantry awas yojna.As people sujezting that only lady can be benifited if the property is in her name.
    Please suggest.

    • Dear concern
      I already done home loan from central bank. In which me and my mother both jointly named. In home dastavej both name joint , so after loan section and the first holder is male so can we avail this benifits.

  9. We are a family with husband, wife & 3 small children. Both our income put together is 6,00,000/- per year. We are planning to buy a house in both our names in mulky, Mangalore. We don’t have any property in our name. How much we will be eligible. Please help me.

  10. Guys my household income is low but we belong to general category why cant we apply

  11. Is this scheme applicable to women only? i mean if a man is purchasing his first property (whose income range is between 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs) on his own name, is he eligible under this scheme?

  12. Dear sir/Mam,
    I have loan of 27 lacks from last 2 years & my annual income is 6.25 Lacs, If I belong to backward class then 1st will I eligible for PMAY scheme. If yes then how do I process to avail this benefit from my lender

    • this scheme is only for first time home buyers. Since you have taken home 2 years back so cannot avail this benefit.

      • From when is this scheme applicable?

        I took my first home loan in Nov 2015 from HDFC, am I eligible for converting my current home loan under the PMAY?

  13. I took house loan and constructed a house in 2012, it’s my first house and I meet all the eligible criteria. Shall i apply for this scheme now to avail interest subsidies

  14. hii…i have purchased a flat in pune recently under the subvension.scheme given.by the builder. I was informed that i will be eligible for pradhan mantri awaas yojna. But now at this point they are saying that i cannot get it because i have taken the subvension scheme from the builder.I want to confirm if they are saying the truth .please confirm.

    • please use helpline number and talk to them

      • hii…i have purchased a flat in pune recently under the subvension.scheme given.by the builder. I was informed that i will be eligible for pradhan mantri awaas yojna. But now at this point they are saying that i cannot get it because i have taken the subvension scheme from the builder.I want to confirm if they are saying the truth .please confirm.

        please provide helpline no

  15. Sir I have purchased my first flat on my wife name my loan sanctioned on 26 July 2016 and got my possession on november 2016 my total loan amount was 29 lack and my gross income was 6.4 lac at that time now may I avail this scheme since at that time I was unaware of such scheme so pl suggest me .

  16. Hi,

    I had booked my flat in May-2016 under subvention plan. Having home loan of Rs. 22 lakhs from PNBHFL which was already paid by PNBHFL in May-2016. I am in Income Group of 6 to 7 Lakhs in a year.

    However I have not received my possession till date from buyer.

    Am I eligible to avail benefits under PMAY scheme and how much amount ?????? Also suggest criteria to approach for this activity.

  17. I am divorcee, I have by flat in pune , so I want to know Divorce women is applicable or not for this scheme, If yes then please share me all details.

    • Sir / Madam I am living in tahshil of akola dist. In Maharashtra .Want to get this yojana so please send me details ex. Which documents , where to submit.

  18. Phanindra Avadhanula

    thank u for ur information sir. would u please tell me sir how many square feets of house to be constructed.please explain briefly sir. my house place is 164 square feets.

  19. I am selected lucky one who’s PMAY scheme home. But i am trying for a loan about pending amount. But all bank is refused for loan. I have a all types of necessary document but also bank is told excuse and some banks is clearly say they are not approve home loan for PMAY SCHEME.

  20. Hi

    I’m unmarried working women, total income of mine and my dad will sum upto 4lakh per annum. We are currently living in a place owned by my grandpa. Would like to get the home constructed properly. am i or my dad eligible for availing this scheme


  22. mayukh kr.choudhury

    I belonging to the general category,earning below Rs 60000 in a year have purchased a flat drawing a loan of Rs 1000000..i want to know whether i will get the benefit of subsidies of PMAY..

  23. The apartments which I purchased in Perumbakkam Chennai was purely rejected under PMAY scheme was only due to that it is in Perumbakkam

    I don’t understand why it was not sanctioned by the Housing Loan people. I had got the housing loan.

  24. Vishal Ashok Kumbhar

    Namaskaar Sir,
    I want to buy a flat in pune. this is my first house also i belong to OBC caste. am i eligible for this scheme.my annual income is 12 lakhs. currently i m situated n Kuwait so wanted to know as how to go ahead with the process for applying same and availing benefit.

  25. I want to buy a flat in Mumbai. I am looking for loan around 27 lakh. My Annual Pay is around 4 Lakh. Will I be eligible for PMAY scheme. I would be taking loan in join with my Mother or wife. If yes, under which scheme I fall. Kindly suggest, thank you in advance.

  26. Me and my brother we R planning to purchase house in grampanchayat in partnership is we R eligible

  27. loan has been sanctioned & disbursed on 28/02/2017 but property is registered on 08/03/2017.

    my ploy is approved by DTCP & Building is approved by Panchayat. whether i am eligible for scheme.

    If not whether i am eligible if i transfer loan to other bank


  28. Is it only for woman or men also

  29. Which salary is considered for income gross or net salary?

  30. Sir,
    I am Shiv Kumar ibelong to schedule caste ,I had purchased duplex 1040 square feet in Bhopal and registered with my name .sir am I eligible for pmay scheme?

  31. I want to avail interest subsidy under PM Awas Yojana. I fall into MIG-I category. But I inherited a part of a house property from the side of my father.
    Will I be eligible for interest subsidy as above?
    Please clarify.

  32. Hi am serving in Indian army last may month I was purchased 1 acre agriculture land in my village but I have a no own resident or house I can eligible for this PM awas yojana loan .

  33. I was having one home at Jaipur, I have sold out that flat, since I have moved out professionally from jaipur and started to work at Ahmedabad.

    Now I have purchased one flat at Gandhinagar ( at this point of time this is my first property), whether I am eligible for PMAY scheme or not ??

    Please guide ?

  34. Hi My Annual income is 4 lac and my Husband’s income is 5.4 lac (total family income is 9.4 Lac which falls under MIG 1 group). i am having a loan of 20 lacs from India bulls Home loan for a tenure of 30 years which got sanctioned in the month of May 2017 (1st EMI Paid on 10th May 2017 and till now 7 EMI paid). this is my first home and my husband does not own any property on his name. request to please let me know whether i am eligible to get PMY loan subsidiary. if yes how to apply for this scheme.

  35. We have paid full payment through loan in Dec’2016 and got possession in oct’2017 loan amount Rs. 140000/- in EWS scheme we had apply for PMAY through union bank of india but still not update

  36. My first property sale in 2016 & New property buy in 2016 & loan on this property is 26 lac & my yearly income is 6 lacs, can I still benefits PMAY sc

  37. i purchase land in salem tamilnadu for taking loan against property for 6 lakhs i wants to build a new house i am applying PMAY is eligible for me? my family income is less than 1,50,000 how to apply?

  38. DEAR SIR


  39. Hi Sir,
    My father who is 73 years old is apply for house for all scheme . My mother has a own pucca house under her name. My father is retired and getting pension so his annual income is 180000 PA.

    I work in private company and living alone.Please let me know if my father is eligible for the f house scheme

  40. I want to apply for PMAY and my salary falls in MIG2 category. I took a loan on Aug-16 and sale deed on my name only. now they are saying that I’m not eligible because sale deed should contain husband and wife name. please advice.

  41. I have perched my home in July 2016 with home loan of Rs 2300000 from SBI Bank.
    Is it possible to get benefit under PMAY scheme??

  42. I had sanctioned the home loan in august 2016 and that time my annual income is 5.50 lakhs, but that time i was not aware about this scheme. Now my present annual income is 6.20 lakhs. My Flat is on my Wife’s name and she is a house maker. I would like to know, I am eligible for this scheme or not?

  43. I belong to LIG and also have no permanent home and staying in Guwahati in a rented house since a long. think I also can apply for it. Plz reply in my email below.

  44. I have one shop on my name but I don’t have home on my name. Me and my wife both are having there own business’s , If I buy new home in my wife’s name will I be eligible for the scheme .

  45. Hi I am an NRI , working in dubai for 3 years . My salary per month is less then 12 lakhs per month , and my husband and me don’t own a house.
    Can I apply for the PMAY subsidy.

  46. We (Husband & Wife) had sold out the existing flat which was in our name ( Jointly ) in June 2018. Presently We are staying on rent . We have booked a flat whose possession is expected by March-19. Are we eligible for PMAY scheme ?

  47. Hi I wants to apply for this scheme my mother is owning a 22 gaj home in delhi and my income is 2.8 lac per year and Falls under OBC category….am I eligible for this scheme.

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