EPF UAN Online Helpdesk (Name Correction, Forget Password)

EPF UAN Online Helpdesk (Name Correction, Forget Password)

The UAN or Universal Account Number is a 12 digit number which is unique for everyone. It is given to each employed person who is a member of the Employee Provident Fund. The EPFO allots this unique UAN to all the employees and it prevents the users from creating multiple IDs. So each employee can have a singular PF Account number

EPF UAN Online Helpdesk

Can my member ID change?

Yes, your member ID can change. If you change your job or your employer changes then your member ID will automatically change.  Every employer has a unique member ID. EPF gives the each employer a member ID which remains the same if it is used to deposit the money.

How will change in member ID affect my UAN?

An UAN stores the data of your member IDs. Hence, if the member IDs shift then it will not affect your UAN number. If you have more than one member ID or if the number changes, then the data stored in UAN will change, without affecting the unique UAN in any way.

This means that any time you change your member ID, you simply have to change the ID on your EPF account as well. This will help the UAN keep track of your new member ID and it will be linked immediately with the same.

Activating the UAN

Once you receive the UAN from the EPFO, you will have to go to this link http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in to activate the number. On this website you will find the words “Activate UAN Based Registration” – simply click on this link. It will redirect you to a new page where you have to enter some details like your UAN, your member ID and your mobile number. Once done, this shall activate your UAN and you can start adding member IDs to it.

I forgot my password or my mobile number changed. What do I do?

If you have forgotten only your password, then you can easily reset it using the UAN portal. You have to simply click on “forgot password” and then follow the instructions to complete the password change.

  • In case you changed mobile number but remember password:It is easier to change the mobile number. All you have to do is login with your ID and password and visit the profile page. On the profile page you will have to click on the mobile number details and add the new number in place of the old one.
  • In case you have lost password and mobile number both

In this case you will have to go to the home page and enter the page where you have to fill out the problem. On the top of this page there will be “problem type”. Here you can choose from the scroll down menu – “forgot password and mobile number is changed.” At the bottom of the page you will find “Generate OTP.” Click on it to proceed.

You will receive an OTP on your mobile number which you have given on this page. Enter the OTP on the screen where asked and then proceed with the instructions as given.

I am facing issues while doing above mentioned changes online. Can I do this offline?

To change details like father’s name, mother’s name, mobile number or other details, you can also take the help of offline facilities. Simply follow these steps –

  • Submit a photocopy of the document that contains the actual information. This mean that if you need your name changed, then provide a copy of your class 10’s mark sheet or your Aadhar card. Similarly, for different issues provide different documents.
  • Make sure you write an application for the same. Submit all of them to your employer.

After that your employer will ensure the copies reach the EPFO office, which will further change the information on your UAN.

My member’s detail on UAN is wrong. How to correct it?

To correct the details of the member ID, you have to write an application with specific details mentioned. Your employer shall receive this application along with the supporting documents and they will pass them over to a field officer at the EPFO. The EPFO will verify the details and will change the member details from their own server.

UAN Help Desk

For any queries related to the service of UAN you can contact –

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