Laptop Bhagya scheme in Karnataka

Laptop Bhagya scheme in Karnataka

The newly appointed scheme launched by the government of Karnataka and the scheme is named as the Laptop Bhagya. The scheme is for the benefits of the SC or ST people. The students who belong to the SC or ST who are perusing the higher degree are provided with such scheme. Therefore the students are getting better opportunity to have their education thus people can have better utility with such scheme. To make the scheme existed government allotted an amount of Rs 112 crore.

Laptop Bhagya scheme in Karnataka

The investment is not going to be waste because with such investment around thirty five thousand students are going to be benefited and that will also allow them to match the level of education. The overall result for the state will also increase with such implementation therefore the state will have better literacy rate and this is a huge positive for the people of this particular state.

About the scheme

There are several SC and ST students studying in the engineering as well as in the polytechnics and these students are finding difficult to cope up with the syllabus of the engineering courses. Therefore the government has decided to supply free laptops to these people so that they could match the syllabus of the engineering and thereby they would get better approach to their studies.

It is estimated that around 35000 SC and ST students can be benefited with such scheme and these students can have better approach to the studies that includes several designs, planning, software development and programming. Thus the state is expecting to have quality students in the government posts.

Steps to implement

In order to implement the steps, the government is planning to invite the tenders for the laptop companies. The funds released by the government for each laptop is estimated to be around Rs 32000 to Rs 35000. Therefore the budget will help the students to have a standard laptop for their studies. It is believed that with such schemes the government could raise the interest of the students of SC and ST thus more number of literacy rate can be achieved within the state.

The Bangalore University is already running with scheme.  The university is providing laptops for the SC and ST students who are perusing the post graduation degree. As per the rules of the university it is said that when the students are passing out from the college then they should return back the laptops and thereby the same laptops are used by the juniors who are coming to the university. But the government has planned to donate the laptop and thereby the students can have the laptop as their own asset for lifetime.

Objectives of the Laptop Bhagya scheme

The government has implemented with such scheme because they thought of some benefits that the state as well as the students could achieve. Therefore the objectives that the scheme has are listed in the points given below:

  • The students from the SC and ST category will be encouraged to go for the higher studies. Therefore the students could have better future for themselves.
  • The Laptop Bhagya also allows students to have better practice which would not be sufficient for an individual to just practice at the time of college.
  • It has also helped them to have better knowledge about the portion that is effective with the use of laptop. Thus they can have better knowledge of that particular course.
  • There are several SC and ST students who are meritorious in other subjects that are irrespective of the computer knowledge so they fail to compete with the students who are using the laptops for better work out. Thus the use of laptop would help them to shine among the other students.
  • It would also improve the competition among the students and thereby the students will work hard to hold their position and that will help them to have better knowledge.
    With better knowledge they can have better work ability and better skills and that will lead to the development of the state as well as the nation.
    The implementation of the scheme will also help in lifting the literacy rate. Thus the states can one of the literate states across the nation.


With the implementation of the Laptop Bhagya large number of students can be benefited especially for those SC or ST students who cannot to afford to have the laptops for themselves. Thus the use of laptop will allow them to perform better in the field of engineering, medical or in other fields. Thus the state as well as the government can always expect a better result out of them. This will also help in a major development of the state.


Name of the scheme Laptop Bhagya Scheme
Launched By State government of Karnataka
State Name Karnataka
Range In Rs. Rs 32000 to 35000
Budget Rs 112 crore
Target Audience SC/ST students
Department Higher education department
Estimated number of candidates 35 thousand student

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