Link Aadhar card with EPF (UAN) Register

Link Aadhar card with EPF (UAN) Register

The EPFO or Employees Provident Fund Organization has announced that people who need to provide Aadhaar numbers to it have more time for doing so. The deadline for sending such numbers has been moved up to March 31. This is an extension of the original deadline by about a month, thus giving people more than enough time to get their numbers taken care of properly.

Link Aadhar card with EPF (UAN) Register

This is to help more people with meeting a key requirement for social security benefits. About 4 crore subscribers at the EPFO and 50 lakh pensioners must send in their Aadhaar numbers before March 31 to remain eligible for the social security support they are aiming for.

The original deadline was February 28. The decision to move this deadline back by a month was based on reviews in terms of how numbers were being provided. It was determined that people were not getting enough numbers out while in many cases not being aware of the process.

The decision to make the Aadhaar number mandatory came about in January. With the immense number of people who need to get their numbers out intact, it has been determined that there is a need to get the Aadhaar numbers of all applicants furnished properly.

What Efforts Are Being Handled?

In addition to extending the deadline, additional efforts are being made to help people with getting their numbers out:

  • The more than 120 field offices for EPFO are being asked to promote the deadline and process.  This includes letting people know about how they can get their Aadhaar numbers out.
  • Promotions over the fraud protection efforts being prepared are also being highlighted. This includes ensuring that people know that the move is with transparency in mind.
  • Aadhaar authentication is also being promoted. This is for those who may struggle with getting their Aadhaar plans under control or those who need help with applying.

EPFO has not remarked no how many people still need to get their numbers out. The numbers are presumably large as the need to extend the deadline for the process clearly shows.

As the retirement sector has been overhauled with new technology, added protection is needed. The process of handling Aadhaar numbers has been applied to help with making it easier for such technology to be used. The EPFO deadline is being utilized to encourage people to get the most out of the process.

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