Madhya Pradesh MP budget 2018-19 list of scheme highlights

Madhya Pradesh MP budget 2018-19 list of scheme Farmers, Agricultural sector, Health, Women, Students, Youth

Madhya Pradesh state budget was presented with allocation of Rs. 37, 000 Cr in agricultural sector. This year the state government has given their entire focus on agricultural sector, education system and health care system mainly. While presenting his budget for the financial year 2018-19, the Finance Minister has mentioned that as the state has developed its agricultural sector in recent past, more budgets will be allocated to develop the sector more.

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Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya, has announced the state budget for the financial year 2018-19 on 28th February 2018. Before the formal budget presentation, State Governor, Anandiben Patel has stated how the state has focussed on agricultural sector this year.

Budget 2018-19

Around 12.20pm, FM Jayant Malaiya has started presenting the latest budget. Here are the highlights of the budget in MP for FY 2018-19.

Farmers Agricultural sector

  • Budget: As mentioned that total Rs. 37, 498 Cr has been allocated to agricultural sector only. It is said that the productivity has increased in agriculture. This leads the state to allocate huge amount to this sector this year.
  • Bhavantar Bhugtan Scheme: Under this scheme, 15 Lac farmers will get benefitted. With allocation of Rs. 1500 Cr, the scheme will help farmers to get correct price for their produce. Along with this scheme Krishak Samriddhi Yojana will also be implemented.
  • Income: By the next 5 years, income of farmers will get doubled under this scheme, stated by the FM. Also he said, the productivity has increased from 18 quintal to 35 quintal in recent past. Also the number of cold storage will be increased to store agricultural produce.
  • Samjhota Yojana (Samjhauta Yojana MP): This scheme will be implemented for the farmers who are defaulters of short term loans. Under this scheme the last date for repayment of loan has extended to 27th April instead of 28th Rs. 350 Cr has been allocated in this scheme.
  • Irrigation: Micro irrigation system will be implemented across the state. For micro irrigation the state has allocated Rs. 379 Cr. For overall irrigation system in the state, Rs. 10, 928 Cr has been allocated by the state.
  • Others: For cooperative farming Rs. 1600 Cr has been allocated. Around 28 Lac farmers will get benefitted from cooperative farming. Also Mukhyamantri Samadhan Rin Yojana will be implemented for easiness of loans for the farmers.

Medical and Health Care:

  • Medical colleges and hospitals: 6 new medical colleges will be opened in the state. Along with that public hospitals will get around 45,000 beds in addition to the existing beds. New cancer centres will be opened in Jabalpur.
  • Budget Allocation: For public health, the state has allocated Rs. 5689 Cr. On the other the government has allocated Rs. 3722 Cr for the nutritious food for the people who are suffering from mal-nutrition across the state. MP is at 17th position in India regarding health sector development.


  • Schemes: As mentioned that the state has focussed on Education along with agriculture, Rs. 21, 724 Cr has been allocated to school education system. Along with that Ayush Education will get Rs. 413 Cr from the state from development.
  • Income & Infrastructure: Anganwadi system will be extended more than earlier times. On the other guest teachers or scholars who are involved in teaching professionally will get higher salaries than earlier times.


  • Roads: 3000 roads will be constructed across the state. Among which 532 roads have been planned and drafted. Bhopal-Indore expressway will be constructed this year as well. Cities such as Jabalpur, Gwalior and Sagar will have bypass roads.
  • Development of Smart City: The state has given special attention to the Smart Cities. ARs. 700 Cr has been put to the Smart City projects for development of the same. Along with that Metro Railways will soon start running in the state. There are 20 different regions where new public vehicle will start soon as well.
  • Private Toilets: As an integral part of Shauchalay Nirman Projects in India, the MP government too has allocated a handful of money to build 7.5 Lac private toilets in various places in MP.


  • For industrial capital, the state has allocated Rs. 1158 Cr. On the other, Rs. 800 Cr has been allocated for incentive promotion in industry. As many industrialists are facing problems after implementation of GST, the state has allocated Rs. 150 Cr for their assistance who are struggling with GST.

Animal Husbandry:

  • Along with the agricultural sector, the state has allocated handful for money for the animal husbandry as well. Rs. 1038 Cr for Animal Husbandry and Rs. 51 Cr have been allocated for the fisheries of the state.

Energy and Others:

  • In the energy sector Rs. 18, 000 Cr has been allocated. Another Rs. 37,000 Cr will be given by the state for electricity and power development in the areas where there is no power at all.
  • Apart from that for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan the state has allocated Rs. 395 Cr in this budget. It has also been stated by the FM that Teacher’s Cadre will be removed and teachers will get importance.


  • For the Scheduled areas, 40% of capital grant will be given by the state government of Madhya Pradesh. 50 such scheduled areas across the state will get this benefit from the state.
  • 9000 Cr has been allocated for the Laadli Laxmi Scheme for girl child in the family. On the other Rs. 3722 Cr has been allocated for the development of Women and Child Care.

Other Schemes –

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