Mukhyamantri Chikitsa Sahayata Kosh Yojana in Bihar

Mukhyamantri Chikitsa Sahayata Kosh Yojana – An Excellent Move from Bihar Government

Chief Minister of Bihar announced an agenda to provide proper treatment for the patients, residing in Bihar. He has named the agenda as Mukhyamantri Chikitsa Sahayta Kosh Yojana. According to the Yojna, government will provide financial support to all the patients, who are having BPL certificate. According to the declaration, government established that some of the dangerous diseases will be covered under the plan and the plans are for the residents of the state alone.

Mukhyamantri Chikitsa Sahayata Kosh Yojana in Bihar

Excellent Move From Bihar Government

Government has shown its perfect ground level touch with the common people of the state, with this agenda. According to the policy, there will be no seat booking for the patients in any government hospitals. Thus, a patient can go for treatment to the private hospitals too, since they will be assisted with proper financial support. According to the plan, the support will be delivered to only the BPL residents of the state.

Classification in the Declaration

The report covers three broad areas in the entire agenda report. The first part deals with the diseases that will be dealt. It clearly declares the amount that will be disbursed for different diseases. The second part of the plan covers the criteria of eligibility of the patients to get the financial help. The final part of the report deals with the documentation part. What documents must be there with the patient, so that they can get the aid has been dealt in this part.

Details of financial help for patients

  • For every cancer patients, the allocated fund is 40,000 to 60,000 INR. The range is kept deliberately to support patients, who are in different stage of cancer.
  • For heart diseases, aid can be given till 1 lac. However, the margin starts from 30,000 INR. Differentiation here is made for the required treatment. For general heart diseases, treatment allowance can be 30,000 INR, but for bypass issues, it can reach till 1 Lac INR.
  • Prime minister announced that for Lungs related diseases, the financial aid can reach till 1.5 lac INR. Details related to the extended financial support provided here, has not been stated by any government officials.
  • Support for aids can reach up to Rs. 50,000. However, there is no diversification or break up provided here. So, for each patient, effected by AIDS and having an income below 1 Lac INR will get Rs. 50,000 cash support from Bihar Government.

Eligibility of Patients

  • The first condition, stated in the agenda clearly mentions that the treatment aid will be provided to the residents of the state. There is no coverage for the immigrants, under this Yojna.
  • Income of the patient or the earning member of the family must be below 1 Lac INR. This is another basic coverage under the agenda. Proper document is also needed to be submitted as a proof. Details of the same have been covered in the third segment.
  • Patient family must be of BPL category. So, the resident must from Bihar and must be from a family that is below poverty.

Documents Required

To state and proof that the patient is from a BPL family and is having the disease, following are the documents, that are needed to be shown:

  • Residential certificate of the patient, that will proof that the patient and his/her family is from Bihar and he/she is not an immigrant.
  • Income certificate of the patient, along with the BPL certificate. The first proof will show that income of the person is below 1 Lac INR, whereas the second document will show that his/her family is having a BPL background.
  • The third proof is from the hospital or nursing home. The hospital or the nursing home must be a CHGS approved one. If needed government authority, disbursing the amount can ask for detailed analysis of the medical reports. So, keep that thing with you, while going for the approval.

What Media Says

Depending on the effect of the disease and the coverage of the disease under the Yojna, financial assistance will be provided to each of the patients. Government also declared that a board has been formed for the establishment of the policy in the state. The board will be taking care of all the documentations and even the verification that is required related to the diseases. Some of the reports are also suggesting that this is a great move from the Government, where poor residents are cared and support is provided for their health. On the other end, some of the reports state that government is seeking proof of income from the BPL families. Hence, they are giving a message to all for registering their income.

Media can say anything, but the overall policy is perfect for the poor residents of Bihar. Two things are to be watched here – The first one is its implication and second thing is the move from other state governments. If both the things goes in the positive direction, then this Yojna can be regarded to be a master stroke from the CM of Bihar.

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