MyJio, Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Join, Jio Net, Jio Music, Jio Mags, Jio Money Wallet

MyJio, Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Join, Jio Net, Jio Music, Jio Mags, Jio Money Wallet

In recent times along with the planet, the word Jio is revolving around us. When the top honchos of telecommunication network providers are fighting with each other to grab more customer base, Reliance took the ball in its court to play smarter game. The jio has taken over the entire market even before its official and proper launch in Indian market. There is nothing unsaid about Jio till date. It is offering 4G data in cheapest rates, free voice calls, free SMS and what not, everyone knows about all these information that revolve around us almost 24×7. But a lot of people don’t know about the bunch of Apps that Jio is launching with which you can enjoy your life in double groove.

MyJio, Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Join, Jio Net, Jio Music, Jio Mags, Jio Money Wallet


Available on Android and iOS platform, MyJio App is the basic app for the Jio users. From Sim portability to balance checking – everything and anything is available with My Jio App. All you need to do is download the app from Play or Apple store and sign up under My Jio account. Enter a valid mobile number (reliance Jio) and start using the app easily.

In My Jio App, you can check your balance, get help and support from the server, you can check the voice call details, wifi details, store locators, usage details, hotspot locator and any kind of support and help for the setting issues. Also if you are porting your old network to Reliance Jio then My Jio app will help you to generate bar code that is mandatory to collect your new sim with same number.

Jio Cinema

If you are a movie buff and don’t want to miss any movie of your favourite star then the app is for you my friend. Jio Cinema is available on Android and iOS platform in which you can get any movies on demand. You can get any of your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies under Jio Cinema.

What you will get under the app is no buffering (because it is 4G friend), no ads, one tap play, resume videos and save your watch-list. The app also offers you premium movies that you need to buy to watch them. Anywhere at any time your favourite movies are in your fingertips.

Jio TV

You are in office and missing the latest episode of your favourite TV show? No worries when JIo TV is here. It is another app that will make you smile if you are a daily soap lover. Watch your favourite shows live in HD on your channels on any device tablet or phone in Jio TV. There are 40+ HD channels available that showcase your favourite shows that too without commercials. Who in this world likes to watch TV commercial when your favourite couple is romancing on the show?

Boss is calling or your husband just arrives and wants a cup of tea? Can you afford to miss a scene for these issues? Of course not, so just pause your live TV on Jio TV app and watch it from where you left when you are free. Share, search, pause, rewind and watch the 7th days’ old episodes anywhere in the Jio TV app.

Jio Join

Join the Jio Join app for rich phone calls in your poor phone. Surprised? If you’re using 2G/3G phone that is non-VoLTE then no worries, connect to Jio Join app and get the best HD quality VoLTE supported voice and video calls on your phone. There will be no disturbances during calls; you can share files, doodles and what not. Jio Join is available on iOS and Android platform. Also gear up for the non-disturbing conference call with your team with your 2G/3G supported phone.

Jio Net

Jio Net is a superb app for the internet addicts. If you are an internet addict and get pissed off with your data limits, then shift to Jio just to enjoy the Jio Net app. The app will allow you to connect to Jio WiFi hotspots across the nation. You don’t even need to enter any login details or security pass code. Once you are in Jio Net you will be automatically connected to nearby available Jio Wifi hotspot. You can use unlimited internet and no one will disturb you in there.

Jio Net is also available in both iOS and Android platform. Jio Net does need a login details, but to use the app not the Wifi hotspots.

Jio Music

Jio Music is for the music lovers. More than 20 languages are available in Jio Music where you can listen, download and share millions of your favourite songs. You can also connect your Smart watch or other devices with the app to enjoy music while working out or running.

You can download the music, buy music (in case of premium albums), create your own playlist, share it with your friends and also if your love RJs then go for Jio Music Radio as well.

Jio Mags

Jio Mags are for the magazine and news lovers. Those who want know what is happening around us must try Jio Mags App available on iOS and Android platform. Latest business news, entertainment, TV, movie stars and everything about them in leading magazines can be now grabbed by Jio Mags. Download the app and get the best reading experience anywhere on any device. Also you can share, save, sync and read offline these magazines.

Jio Money Wallet

Finally the Jio Money Wallet that is available under Jio offers. Till now you all know a lot about Wallets that we use often to make payment when we are running out of cash. Jio Money Wallet is nothing less than that. You can make payments, buy movie tickets, and chance to get more than Rs. 15,000 /- worth of discount coupons by using Jio Money Wallet app. Just link your bank account with Jio Money Wallet, and pay for anything and receive your personalised offers as well with Jio Money Wallet App.

Jio Apps – Quick Guide

Apps Benefits Available on
My Jio Calls, balance, wifi, help and support iOS and Android
Jio cinema Unlimited movies on demand iOS and Android
Jio TV 40+ HD channels and shows iOS and Android
Jio Join Get VoLTE support in your 2G/3G phone iOS and Android
Jio Net Free Jio WiFi hotspot connect iOS and Android
Jio Music Unlimited free songs, customised playlist iOS and Android
Jio Mags Unlimited magazines on business, entertainment iOS and Android
Jio Money Wallet Cashless payments iOS and Android

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