Online Employment Registration in Uttarakhand 

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The development of any nation depends on the progress of the youth. The literacy rate is not the only aspect that plays a vital role in the financial progress. If young and educated candidates do not get proper jobs, then there will be no overall progress. But it is not easy to get the correct information at the right time. Thus, each state has an employment exchange. This department helps candidates seeking jobs to attain information about available openings in the professional market. The state government of Uttarakhand urges the youngsters to register their names in the exchange and get jobs related notifications.

Online Employment Registration in Uttarakhand

Benefit of registration in employment exchange

Job openings are available in the government sector as well as the private sector. But if candidates do not get the info in time, then they will not be able to apply. With registration in the employment exchange, the state will get details of job seekers. When a matching job profile appears in the market, then the employment exchange will be able to notify the respective candidate within time.

Important documents required for registration

Personal identification papers, Voter card, Aadhar card, Age certificate, Residential proof, Academic qualification certificates, Prior experience certificates, Caste certificate, Disability certificate (if any), Recent photograph of the candidate.

How to apply online?

  1. For ease of operations, the candidates can opt for online registration at Uttarakhand employment exchange.
  2. For this, he/she needs to click on the link that will take him/her directly to registration page. The link is
  3. Once the page opens, the applicant must click on the drop down arrow to select district and employment exchange name.
  4. The respective code of the district must be typed in. Then it is time to click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”
  5. As soon as the candidate does this, an online application form will open. Once the candidate has entered the necessary information in the various fields, he/she must click on the “Next” button.
  6. It will generate a registration number, ID and password. One must note down these details or get a print of this page.
  7. It is necessary to get clear photocopies of all important documents, which have been mentioned in the previous section.
  8. The candidate must get these photocopies attested by councilor or local MLA, MP or any high placed central or state government officer.
  9. These documents must be presented in front of the officers in the employment exchange office. They will collect the documents, note down the ID to update the form.
  10. This must be done within 15 days of getting the online registration done.
  11. Once the system has been updated with the details of the candidate, he/she will start getting job notifications, both from pubic as well as private sector offices.

Is offline application possible?

If any candidate does not have access to internet or a computer, then he/she can opt for offline registration as well. For this, they need to get to the Uttarakhand Employment Exchange, get an application form, fill it with necessary details, attach important documents, and submit it in the respective counter. Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a registration number.

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It is the responsibility of the central as well as the state government to create adequate occupational openings for youth of the nation. One can also tap into the private sector to establish a career. Registering your name in the employment exchange will bridge the gap information void. Candidates will get details of openings, which match their profile.

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