Rehbar-E-Khel Scheme In Jammu & Kashmir (Promote Sports Activities)

Rehbar-E-Khel Scheme In Jammu & Kashmir To Promote Sports Activities

The Jammu & Kashmir state government is going to launch Rehbar-E-Khel Scheme soon in the state. This scheme will be introduced to promote sports activities in the state. Also it will generate job opportunities for the unemployed physical education trainers across the state.

Rehbar-E-Khel Scheme In Jammu & Kashmir to promote sports

Launch Details

The scheme hasn’t been launched officially. On Thursday, 9th February 2018, Youth Services and Sports Minister, J&K, Ansari has announced about the scheme launch. He also said that the scheme will be implemented in various phases. Plans for first phase has already made by the authority, stated by the Minister.

Key Features Rehbar-E-Khel

  • In 2017, the J&K state government has formally launched Rehbar-E-Khel. Under this initiative, physical education trainers are being appointed for the middle schools and other educational institute.
  • The main aim of the scheme is to promote sports activity in the state. Kids and other youth who are willing to set up career in sports in future will be benefitted from the scheme. Also it will generate employment opportunities for the unemployed trainers.

Implementation Process

Under this scheme, physical education trainers who are unemployed will be appointed for promotion of sports activity in different regions and areas in the state. They will be responsible to gather more kids and youths under sports activities.

Phases Under Rehbar-E-Khel

In the first phase, 1, 500 trained physical education youths will be covered among 7, 311 unemployed trainers at this moment. They will be engaged in the scheme by the state government.

Selection Procedure

The selection process will be done on the basis of merits and capabilities of the candidates. Soon after launching the scheme, application process will be published. It may have online selection process.

Rehbar-E-Khel is one of the any initiatives that J&K government has taken to promote sports activities in the state. Under this initiative 3000 posts will be allocated, stated by the authority to accommodate physical trainers in middle and high schools across the state.


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