Startup Agri India Scheme doubling farmers income by the year 2022

Startup Agri India Scheme Launch by PM Narendra Modi to Support AgriTech Startups doubling farmers income by the year 2022

In order to fulfill the statement made by the current PM of the nation Mr. Modi about doubling the nation’s farmers income by the year 2022. The central government is about to take initiative to boost up the process. It is expected that, there would be innovative measures will be taken to boost the agricultural activities throughout the nation. Recently, PM Mr. Modi has urged the authorities to take necessary steps on launching the Startup Agri India Scheme.

Startup Agri India Scheme

Objective of the Scheme

The scheme is to alleviate the agricultural activity with the aid of the modern technology. The scheme will support the startups oriented with the agricultural industry which are to be newly formed in the nation.

While addressing during the conference event organized by the agricultural ministry, PM Modi has hinted about the necessity of boosting agricultural industry and also quoted the 4 strategic points to be followed by the relevant authority on boosting the cultivation in nation, apart from urging the launch of Starup Agri India.


Key Features and Highlighting Points

  • During the event PM has directed officials to organize various meeting and task based programs over the upcoming scheme Start-up Agri India on the nation’s top educational institutes like IIT’s and so.
  • He also urged the talented students from such educational institutes to suggest the innovative ideas on boosting the agricultural sector of the nation. He also seek potential candidates from B.Sc agriculture to become a soil technologists since, it will have a huge market in upcoming years.
  • Modi also quoted that the implementation of the soil health cards has reduced the usage of the chemical fertilizers by the farmers across the nation to about 10% and also it boosted the agricultural productions to around 6%.

Modi’s Speech in Conference on Agriculture 2022

The two day conference event on Agriculture 2022 which is conducted by Agricultural minister was participated by around 300 potential members from various sectors like farming, planning, from banking and also from economic sectors of the nation.

During the event, PM Modi has hinted about the strategy to be followed by the government on cultivation cost reduction, fixing reasonable price for farm products, finding income source for farmers from non-farming activities and to make use of the farm waste in effective manner.

The PM also addressed that his government is keen on completing the pending 99 Irrigation schemes within the time frames for that around 80k Crores has been allotted. He even suggest students to start soil testing labs after becoming soil technologists, while students can avail financial aid from the government end for opening such labs.

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