[Apply] Telangana Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme 2020

Telangana Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme 2020 (How to apply, Application Form Download, Eligibility, Benefits, Amount)

Several sections of the Indian community still uphold the values of societal rigidity. They consider inter-caste marriages as a sin. Though the mentality of the educated people, living in the urban areas have widened, it is not valid for the uneducated folks, residing in the villages. If an inter-case marriage takes place, the villagers often inflict pain on the couple and oust them from their homes. The Telangana government has taken a stringent stand against the violence towards such couples. The Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme was implemented in Telangana to encourage inter-caste marriages. It was also seen as a step to educate the communities about the legal validation of such marriages.

Telangana Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme

Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme

Launched in


Updated by

K. Chandrashekar Rao

Date of announcement

2009 – 2010

Date of implementation


Target beneficiaries

Couples who fall under inter-caste marriage category

Supervised by

Scheduled Castes Development Department

Funded by

State and Central Social Justice & Empowerment Ministry

Key features of the scheme

  1. Progress of the society – The primary objective of the state government was to educate the people that there is nothing wrong with inter-caste marriages. The implementation of the project was a decisive step taken by the authority to dismiss the societal prejudices.
  2. Validation of inter-caste marriages – The implementation of the inter-caste marriage project has been done to spread a word about the validation of such nuptials. It will encourage more inter-caste individuals to tie the knot, without worrying about the red eyes of the society.
  3. Financial assistance to the couples – When the scheme was originally implemented, the assistance amount was only Rs. 10,000. It was then increased to Rs. 50,000. In the recent announcement, the Telangana government announced that the beneficiaries will attain Rs. 2.5 lakhs under this project.
  4. Mode of payment – The payment of the financial assistance amount, offered by the state will be deposited in the bank, in the couple’s name.
  5. Deposit lock-in tenure – The financial assistance will be in form of a bank deposit. Once the deposit has been made in the name of the couple, it will be locked in for a term of three years. Once the tenure is over, the couple will be able to acquire the cash.
  6. Number of beneficiaries – The latest scheme reports state that in the year 2017, around 210 couples were able to apply and acquire the perks of this project. The Telangana government is hopeful that the beneficiary numbers will go up during the current year.
  7. Financial contribution ratio – It has been highlighted in the scheme draft that the state government will contribute 50% of the total assistance amount. The remaining 50% will be given by the central government.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of Telangana – Only the permanent and legal inhabitants of Telangana will be allowed to partake in the Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme.
  2. Couple must be of age – The age of the bride must be 18 years or above, while the age of the groom must be 21 years or above. If the applicants fail to meet the age criterion, then the registration will be rejected.
  3. Couple must belong to different castes – It is imperative that the bride and the groom come from different castes.
  4. Financial criterion – It has been highlighted in the eligibility list that the family income of both families need to be within Rs. 50,000 mark.
  5. BPL applicants – If the couple hails from BPL category, then they can enroll for getting the perks of this scheme.
  6. Must be married legally – It is mandatory for the applicants to register the marriage legally. Failure to do so will bar them from getting the financial incentives.
  7. Application within completing three years – It has been highlighted in the scheme that the interested and eligible applicants need to register for attaining the perks of this scheme before the completion of three years of conjugal life.

Documents necessary for the registration

  1. Residential documents – The scheme will offer the financial benefit to the applicants who possess documents, which shed light on the fact that both bride and groom are legal and permanent residents of Telangana.
  2. Age proof documents – If the bride or the groom fails to submit the authorized age proof documents, at the time of the marriage took place, the enrollment request will be cancelled.
  3. Caste certificate – The respective copies of the caste certificates of the bride and the groom must be presented with the other necessary documents.
  4. Aadhar card – The state government has mentioned that the bride and the groom need to arttach a copy of their Aadhar Cards with the enrollment document.
  5. Family income certificates – Both the bride and the groom must attach a copy of their family income certificates.
  6. BPL certificate – The submission of the bride’s and/or groom’s BPL certificate photocopy is mandatory.
  7. Legal marriage certificate – If the couple wants to acquire the benefit of this scheme, then they must submit a photocopy of the legal registry marriage certificate.
  8. Bank account details – Apart from the documents mentioned above, the interested candidates need to submit papers, which highlight the details of their bank account.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

  1. Offline application process – The Telangana authority has announced that all interested applicants can apply for the scheme through the offline mode.
  2. Collecting the registration form – The registration form will be given to the interested applicants for free from the Block development Office.
  3. Application form fill-up – The candidate must fill in the form with the necessary information.
  4. Document attachment – The photocopies of the important documents must be attached with the application form.
  5. Photograph of the couple – The candidate must paste a photograph of the bride and the groom for verification.
  6. Submission of the enrollment document – The form, along with the verification documents must be submitted to the Block Development Office.

The implementation of this scheme has encouraged the community to evolve with time. The instances of violence and stigmatization of the inter-caste married couples have also reduced significantly. The project paves the path for the progress and liberalization of the society.

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