Aahar Yojana in Odisha

Aahar Yojana in Odisha

Now that the subsidized meals program has been initiated in different states, it is really great to see the present government so much concerned about the basic necessities of the economically challenged people. While a lot of states have already implemented the subsidized meal schemes for the economically backward people, Odisha also announced the Aahar Yojana for the poor people. And this time, it can be said to be the best meal offerings at the cheapest price available throughout India. According to the reports, Chief Minister inaugurated more than 100 Aahar centers throughout the state which will be offering the cheap meal.

Aahar Yojana

The few details about extension of Aahar Yojana

The Aahar programs have been extended to all the districts as well and more than 60000 people have been visiting the urban pockets of the state. They will be provided with the meal. Well, now that a complete meal has been offered to the poor people, there are chances of improper hygiene planning and distribution of food. And this can cause health trouble for the people. But this aspect has been covered by the Chief Minister. The state capital Bhubaneshwar will get additional 5 Aahar centers while Cuttack will get 4 additional Aadhar centers. Chief Minister has advised the health department to ensure that the hygiene is properly maintained.

The issues that Aahar Yojana had to face

There were certain issues just before the launch of this scheme when three central PSU’s backed out from this scheme of Chief Minister of Odisha, but finally this was a success. The price of this meal has been set at Rs 5 and this is the cheapest meal available in India. A lot of people have appreciated this program, and truly, no other state was able to offer a full meal at this price. In this scheme, there will be food items like hot cooked rice, pickles, and dalma that would be served for the poor people between 11am to 5pm. On a single day, 1000 people will be provided with this meal. The Aahar centers shall be opened near different hospitals, railway stations, courts and bus-stands.

Who will be handling the distribution?

Apart from offering the complete meal to the common people, the chief minister also focused on the quality of drinking water that will be included within the Aahar Yojana. The state government decided to extend the program in all the districts taking note of the appreciation of the people and the basic needs that the poor are deprived of.

The NGO’s, who have the experience of handling food related schemes, shall be assigned with the job of distributing the food for the poor. The food supplies, housing and urban development will offer the necessary infrastructure.  For checking the quality of food, health inspectors have been appointed at all the Aahar centers and also the different corporate houses will support the cheap food schemes in the urban pockets. The overall price for Rice, dalma and pickles come at Rs 20, but the people have to pay only Rs 5, the rest Rs 15 will be borne by the government.

A tabular overview

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Sponsers of Aahar Yojana Orissa Mining Corporation in Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar

Orissa Power generation Corporation in Rourkela

Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation in Sambalpur

2. Launch Date of first phase of Aahar Yojana 1St April 2015
3. Second Phase of Aahar Yojana Inaugurated in Netaji Indoor Stadium in the Millennium City
4. Refusal of support The central PSU’s, MCL, NALCO and RSP.

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