Agriculture Production Cluster Scheme In Odisha 2018

Agriculture Production Cluster Scheme In Odisha 2018 Tribal Farmers, Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Process

Any state government has the responsibility to ensure the betterment of people from all walks of life. But residents of rural areas often don’t receive all necessary facilities. There are several states in India, which have a considerable tribal population. Odisha has 10 districts which are populated with people from tribal origin. Apart from other scheme, CM of Odisha recent announced that the authority will make special arrangements for tribal farmers. The scheme, under which all these perks will be the offered, has been named Agriculture Production Cluster Scheme.

Agriculture Production Cluster Scheme In Odisha


Launch details

Name of the scheme Odisha Agriculture Production Cluster Scheme
Launched in Odisha
Launched by Naveen Patnaik
Date of announcement 6th November 2018
Target beneficiaries Tribal farmers
Supervised by Agricultural and Tribal Development Departments

Key features of the scheme

  1. Increasing income of tribal people – Tribal farmers live their lives in utmost poverty. It will be impossible for these people to attain betterment without additional assistance. The state will offer all necessary tools to ensure that these tribal people get more earning out of their agricultural practices.
  2. Development of agrarian activities – The state will take special care to ensure that tribal farmers get access to technology, information and market. If these blocks desire to be at par with other agriculturally advanced parts of the state, then the implementation of this scheme is their only hope.
  3. Extent of the scheme implementations – Agricultural development in tribal areas is rather poor. This project has been developed to cater to their needs. There are around 10 tribal districts in the state. The scheme will be run in all 40 blocks, included in these districts.
  4. Land under irrigation – Lack of irrigation facilities in tribal and rural areas pose threats to agricultural development. Access to artificial irrigation is another part of this project. With its implementation, 16,000 acres will come under irrigation networks. Poor farmers will not have to worry about water shortages.
  5. Total beneficiaries – The CM and respective minister was proud to highlight that with the initial implementation of this agricultural project, around one lakh agricultural workers will reap the direct perks.
  6. Platform for animal husbandry – Animal husbandry is another lucrative source of income for small scale farmers, especially in tribal areas. Financial-assistance, machines and tools will be provided by government. Registered beneficiaries will be able to make animal shelters and rare these properly. Around 30,000 farmers will receive this opportunity.
  7. Mechanization in cultivation – Traditional farming tools and methods fail to produce a satisfactory yield. 70,000 agricultural workers will stand a chance to receive farming gadgets. Tractors and other such machines, which increase production will be distributed free of cost.
  8. Development of orchards – With necessary irrigation and other facilities, fruit cultivation will also be possible in some parts of Odisha. The state government has already pointed out 8000 acres, where this project will be made possible.
  9. Better market facilities – Mechanization and development in farming practices is not enough. If the cultivators don’t get proper platforms to sell the produce, then they will fail to earn money. The close links between agriculture and agro-based business will together bring progress for farmers. 750 agro based markets will be opened up in these areas. Here, tribal farmers will transact with buyers directly.
  10. Tenure of the scheme – During the official announcement of this agricultural scheme, the CM did mention that he desires to attain the goals by the end of three years. For the successful implementation and monitoring of this project, Odisha government will spend as much as Rs. 401 crore.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

Not much is known about the eligibility and documentation related information. One thing is for certain; only people living in tribal areas of Odisha will be able to attain the benefits. Thus, it is mandatory for beneficiaries to possess their tribal certificates. As for other details, you will have to wait for a little while. You will attain other scheme related information first on this site.

How to apply and get application forms?

Tribal people are mainly concentrated in the forested areas. They don’t have access to digital information. The state government is still to make announcements regarding the launch of this scheme. To reach out to maximum eligible beneficiaries, state is likely to keep provisions for offline registrations.

Tribal people don’t often change their lifestyle. But they need to embrace the new technologies if they desire to life properly. The officials of tribal development agencies have a massive task at hand. They need to inform these people about the new opportunities that this scheme will bring for them.

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