Angikaar Campaign 2019

Angikaar Campaign 2019 to bring PMAY U Beneficiaries in Ujjwala and Ayushman Bharat [Eligibility Criteria, Documents, List, Form, How to Apply]

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has launched a campaign called Angikar campaign on 29 August. The objective of the campaign is to bring the beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban or PMAY-U under one fold of other central government implemented scheme. The other significant schemes are Ayushman Bharat and Ujjwala schemes; and the government is trying to merge the PMAY-U into those two schemes. The change has been made to give special attention to the basic problems.


The launching details of the campaign are given below in a tabular form.

Name of the campaign

Angikar campaign

Launched by

Central government of India

Date of launch

29th August

Date of implementation

2nd October, 2019

Target beneficiary

Beneficiaries ofPMAY-U scheme

 Key features of the campaign

  • Objective- The Angikar campaign will take care of the issues like tree plantation, health, waste management, conservation of natural resources like water and energy, basic hygiene, and sanitation of PMAY-U beneficiaries. The representative will reach to every beneficiary’s door to learn about their condition.
  • The mode of work- the campaign will focus on IEC activities to keep it going, and in order to do that, the campaign will also cover the schemes under the state governments that are working on the same sector. The campaign will be
  • Aim of the convergence- as the campaign is to merge the PMAY-U beneficiaries into Ayushman Bharat and Ujjwala schemes, the aim of implementation the campaign is taking the health insurance and gas connection into consideration.
  • Demands for housing-There is a demand of 1.12 crore houses under the PMAY-U scheme even though 88 lakh houses have been provided to the beneficiaries. The Anghikar campaign will fulfill the demand by several phases.
  • Time of implantation- The campaign will be implemented on Gandhi birthday that is 2nd October, 2019. The government has set a time limit to run the campaign work and that is 10th December, 2019.
  • Attention on educating people-the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has collaborated with Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council and School of Planning & Architecture are planning to launch a course that will help to create an awareness regarding current issues.
  • Importance of the course- the voluntary course will help to educate the people to fight with natural catastrophes like landslide, earthquake, flood, etc. the course will help to train the people regarding risk management.
  • Registration for the course-the people who are interested to join the voluntary course they can register by log into to The course will teach management in urban planning, civil engineering, housing insurance, construction planning, etc.

Eligibility criteria

As the campaign is launched for the beneficiaries of PMAY-U scheme so the candidates need to be the resident of urban area. But, campaign is just launched, so the authority has not declared the eligibility criteria yet.

Required documents

As soon as the eligibility criteria will be declared you will be updated about the required documents as well.

How to register for the scheme?

As the campaign has just launched and yet to be implemented so the registration process is not revealed yet.

It is said that merging of the scheme is an intelligent step that the government has taken. The campaign will look after the minute issues of the society. Though the issues sound minute but they are the basic problem of the people. Along with providing the housing, the campaign will try to solve the problem of the people by providing the basic facilities. Apart from that, under the campaign government will form a disaster management team.

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