[Form] Haryana Udyog Mitra Scheme 2019-20

Haryana Udyog Mitra Scheme 2019-20 [Application Form Online Download, Eligibility, Skill Training Program, How to apply]

Under the Skill Development Mission, the government has hired 50 Udyog Mitras, more than 100 training graduates. Friends, through this article we will tell you how you can take advantage of the skill development mission. The article will tell you how you can fill the application form for becoming the partner of the scheme and the essential documents are needed during the time of application. The article is written about which departments you have to work under the above-mentioned scheme.

Launch table

Name of the scheme Haryana Udyog Mitra Scheme
Launched by CM Manohar Lal Khattar
Launch time September, 2019
Place of launch Haryana
Date of application October, 2019
Official portal hsdm.org.in

Key features of the scheme

  • Aim of the scheme – The scheme wants to empower the young people of the state. The scheme will help the country grow economically.
  • Offer of the scheme – As the scheme will work towards the growth of the country; therefore, it will offer the people in training that will help the country’s holistic growth.
  • Work opportunities – According to the authority, the scheme will let the youth to get trained thoroughly so that they get jobs in various industries.
  • Employment sectors- After receiving appropriate training under the scheme the people will get work at Manpower or Staffing Sectors, Sector Skill Councils, Captive employer, Industry Association, and Training Partners.
  • The process of employment- According to the Haryana government, the people who will receive the training from the scheme will be employed through online. As in the time of digitization, the entire process will be transparent.
  • The features of the partners – When it comes to partnering the scheme, the scheme has partners and the partners need to follow NSQF. They need to provide placement to the people who are receiving training under the scheme.
  • Choosing the partners- According to the rule of the scheme, the trainee can choose the company under which they want to be trained.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  • Captive employers / Industries – The Company that is advancing for becoming the partner of the scheme, it needs to be associated with the industry so that they know the importance. Apart from that, the company needs to be a part of country’s economy.
  • Industry Associations- The companies that are interested in partnering with the government’s scheme need to have a strong association with industry and also has a strong association with the economy.
  • Training Partners- The companies need to have an interest towards providing training to the youth of the state. It is essential to have a need for the trained people in the industry.
  • Sector Skill Councils- The companies that are interested to be the partner of the scheme needs to be associated with the skill council.
  • Manpower or Staffing Companies- The company that is approaching to the training scheme are needed to be manpower recruitment companies so that they can employ a large number of people to work.

Haryana Udyog Mitra Application Form Online

Coming to the process of filling the application form for Udyog Mitra Scheme 2019, the government has also released the website for the Haryana Skill Development Mission Scheme. By visiting this website, you can fill the application form and registration form.

Steps to fill up the form

  • Vising the site- First Haryana Skill Development Mission official   Go to http://hsdm.org.in/.After that you have to go to “News & Update” on the homepage.
  • Downloading the form – After going to that, you have to download the registration form from the link of “Download Udyog Mitra Application Form“.
  • Filling up the form – Fill the information asked in the application form carefully.Now put together the requested documents and then you need to send it to the address given in the option.

Benefits of partnering with the scheme

  • Resource – there is a huge benefits of partnering with the scheme and that is companies will get trained workers directly from the scheme. The trained people will already know about their job role so the companies do not have to train any further.
  • Monetary benefits- partnering with the governmental scheme will help to reduce the expense of the company as they do not have to hire a HR for employment. And after employing, the companies do not have to spend a lot of money on training purposes.
  • Retention of employee- As the employment will happen through the government training program so there will a reliance that will work on both ways. This will help the companies to retain the employees.
  • Opportunity of learning – another reason of retaining the employees is that the trainees will start earning from the last phase of the training that will help the employees financially. They will be able learn and earn at the same time that will create a good impression on the partnering company.

According to the authority, the application will be consider on 5th and 14th of every month. The applicant will get the result within 30 working days, and people with queries can mail at haryanasdm@gmail.com before 20th September, 2019. The scheme is believed to be fruitful by providing appropriate training to the youth of Haryana. And by providing training the state can deal with the unemployment issues as well.

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