Apply Anundoram Borooah Award Laptop Scheme Assam

Anundoram Borooah Award 2019 Laptop Scheme Assam

The state government of Assam planned to provide free laptop and also the cash rewards for the students who are shining in their school education, particularly who scores high during in their HSLC exams. Under the scheme of Anundoram Borooah Award 2017 Laptop Scheme which is launched on 20th of December of 2016, the state government plans to boost the students who are performed better in HSLC exams.

Who is Anundoram Borooah?

Anundoram Borooah (1850-1889) is one of the greatest scholars Assam has ever produced. His contributions to Sanskrit grammar and literature are unparallel. His classical literary works include Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Sanskrit grammar in twelve volumes, and many so. His other works include Ancient Geography of India, Bhavabhuti and His Place in Sanskrit Literature is truly immeasurable. He is the true inspiration for all the students who willing to shine in the education.

Besides being an Indologist and Sanskrit scholar, he was also the first assame to enter Indian Civil service. He served the people of East Bengal greatly by creating and repairing water resources. Through hard labor he became the first person from Indian origin to become a District magistrate.  Even though his lifespan was short, he achieved greater heights and served the people through sheer hard work and passion. He still remains as one of the gems in the crown of Assam even today.

Motto of Anundoram Borooah Award scheme

In this modern digital era, technology is getting changed even in two months. To make students more competitive, they must have the knowledge of the latest trends. To encourage students to stay updated and to provide facilities for their knowledge development, the Assam Government is providing free PC/Laptops to commendable students. Anundoram Borooah created impact in many fields and the Government has kept his name aptly for the scheme which focuses on knowledge development of Assamese students in diverse fields.


The Assam Government introduced this scheme in 2005.  The scheme is implemented by the collaboration of Education (secondary) Department, Planning & Development Department and Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. The recipients of this award receive a certificate along with a PC.

Exams in which the Students securing first division are eligible to apply. ·         HSLC Exam

·         High Madrassa and FM Examinations conducted by Assam State Madrassa Education board and SEBA

·         Pali/Pravesika, Sanskrit Examination

The students can either choose to receive the PC or its equivalent cash according to their wish.

Online application 

The students can apply online through the link provided at the scheme’s official website ( The details to be filled in the data sheet available in the website include

What are all the details to be filled in the data sheet available in the website ·         Name

·         Parents/ Guardian name

·         Mobile Number

·         Roll number

·         Marks obtained

·         Scanned copy of photo with size below 200kb in .jpg format.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Since the scheme provides laptops to students with first division only, the Government is investing money on students interested in studies and on those who really deserve free laptops. Every year more than ten thousand students get benefitted from the scheme.
  • Studious students hailing from poor backgrounds will be able to get access to the internet and this scheme will greatly help them. As everything is turning digital, the issue of laptops will help the students from all areas to learn the modern state-of-the-art techniques.
  • Even a student living in a remote area will have access to all learning facilities through online. This will also encourage the students to know more about diverse scientific areas and also it will motivate them to continue their higher education.


As the entire nation is looking to boost the literacy ratio, with such encouraging form of schemes surely it will play vital role among the high performing students to do well in upcoming exams. Also it would encourage their parents to keep on their student higher education, since the scheme makes them to realize the importance of educating the brighter students.

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