Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana in Jharkhand

Bal Garib Samridhhi (Samriddhi) Yojana in the Jharkhand

If we witness the government plans and scheme which are introduced in recent time, it can understandable that the central government is keen on providing better welfare for the women and children across the nation. There has been several scheme which offers financial assistance to the new born infants and also for new mothers with the intention of making their financial abilities to intake the nutrients foods.

Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana in the Jharkhand

The state government of the Jharkhand recently introduced such social welfare scheme Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana that offers various care taking process to the infants and the new mother across the state.

Information about the social welfare scheme Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana

The state government of Jharkhand is about to implement this Bal Garib Samridhhi by which state’s new mother and the new born infants will get benefited. The scheme will offers essential assistance to the targeted beneficiaries who are the apparently to be poor and also for those who gets dominated or treated ill by the powerful people of the society.

While addressing the public during the launching event of the scheme the CM of the state Mr. Raghubar Das at the conference meeting arrange by the state high court and the state department of the women and child development.

Key points need to know about the Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana

  • Special care providing homes and centers will be constructed across the state in order to provide better care for the new born infants, orphan children and also for the new mothers.
  • Under this newly introduced schemes, special skill development training will be provided to the beneficiaries of the scheme who are capable to living on their own through by their earnings, this sill development trainings will be handy for the orphan children and also for the along women of the states.
  • The CM of the state Mr. Das announced that the state government has allotted around Rs. 23 crore for the construction of the required buildings for the schemes across the nation.
  • The CM also added that the contribution of the private individuals and social welfare personals in the state is welcomed and he quoted that with the contribution of the public the scheme would get more welfare activities to the needed people.
  • As initial, new buildings with the intention of acting as the reform houses for the scheme beneficiaries will be constructed in the two cities of the state Ranchi and in Jamshedpur.

At the launching event, the CM also pointed that the this scheme will be more useful to the rural people and the reform buildings will also acts as the rehabilitation centers for the beneficiaries who are engaged or addicted with the wrong doings like drugs and alcohols and so.

The experts in the state welcomed the move taken by the state government, since the launch of the scheme will provide better safety to the women and child who are left alone.

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