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Bhavantar Bharpai [Bhapayee] Yojana BBY for farmers in Haryana 2018 Government fix a MSP (Minimum support price) for vegetables (Apply @agriharyana.in) [hsamb.gov.in]

The state government of Haryana has announced the launch of the new Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana within the state. The new set Yojana will help state farmers to cover the price difference for their crop yield. According to the sources the state government under the scheme will try and fix a MSP (Minimum support price) for vegetables for the farmers.

Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana [Bharpayee]

Launch details

The new scheme has been launched by the state government for benefiting the farmers in the state starting from Jan 1st 2018. The scheme will be regulated and supervised by the states agricultural department and state government.

Key Features of the scheme

  • Main aim – According to the sources the main aim of the new scheme is to ensure that the farmers in the state will receive the best fair price for the vegetables produce. To ensure this the state government will also ensure that the minimum set price is fixed for cauliflowers, tomato, onion and potato. This step will ensure that the state farmers will not have to face loss on account of distress sales for these vegetables.
  • Benefits to farmers – Under the new scheme main benefit for the farmers is that they will be paid with the compensation for covering their losses for the selected vegetables. Apart from this the state government will also provide them with access to NCR (National Capital Region) government markets where they are free to sell all their produce including vegetables and fruits or flowers directly to the buying authorities.
  • Monetary benefits – Once the new scheme has been implemented it is obvious that the each of the state farmer will also be able to increase their overall annual income from their produce, as compared to what they would have earned by their traditional farming methods. The benefit will be provided to the farmers by implementing the Peri-Urban farming system in the state. The entire process of implementation will be undertaken by the state government.
  • Compensations – According to the sources, the farmers who will be registered under this new scheme will not have to sell their vegetable produce for a cheaper price in the market. In case the farmer makes a loss by selling it at cheaper price then the entire loss will be compensated by the state government in the form of Bharpai. This amount will be equivalent to the overall difference in the two prices (cost and selling).
  • The state government has also made it very clear that to take the benefit under the scheme the farmer will have to cultivate the crop that is in demand in the adjoining areas so it can easily sell. This is done with an aim so the farmers do not have to worry about the crops being spoiled before being sold.

Implementation Process

  • To ensure effective implementation of the process, the state government has ensured that it shall try and cover around 25 percent of the land under the horticulture program.
  • The state government will also ensure that international fruit and vegetable markets have been set in minimum of 500 acres of land within different areas like Sonipat and Ganaur.
  • The state government will also set up a flower market in Gurugram area for improving the horticulture sector in the state.
  • An excellence center under the Isro-Israel project will also be established by the government for vegetables and fruits. Apart from this similar projects for Milk product will also be established by the government in future.

Latest Updated On 6 January 2018

How to register for the scheme

The government has created an online portal for making registrations of the farmers of Haryana under the BBY scheme. Below are the steps involved-

  1. The farmer needs to visit the online portal – http://agriharyana.in for new one-time registration. Then proceed with the ‘Kissan registration portal’ .
  2. Provide the district, block and village name to continue. Enter personal details like Name, gender, category, Aadhar number, Voter ID number, mobile number, etc.
  3. Farmers need to mention the type of land they perform agriculture in, such as own land or others land along with the land measurement in Acres.
  4. Bank details of the farmer needs to be provided which will be used to transfer any compensation amount which the farmer is eligible for.
  5. After filling up the form, continue with the Save option which will generate a registration ID for future reference.

Updated On 14 Jan 2018

Important dates

This is a very beneficial scheme for the farmers and the farmers will greatly benefit from choosing to take part in it. Hence, don’t wait. The last dates are as follows –

  • Tomato: If you grow tomato and want to register the same, then the last date for you is between 15th December 2017 and 15th February 2018.
  • Onion: Similarly, if you want to register the onion crop then you must register it online between 20th December 2017 and 15th February 2018.
  • Potato and Cauliflower: The date range for these two items was between 10th October 2017 and 30th November 2017 and it has already passed.

The state government of Haryana aims at improving the present condition of the state farmers so that each farmer will be able to earn money as per his efforts put in cultivating the vegetables and fruits. At the same time the state government also aims at improving the living standard of the farmers in the state.

Online registration:-

Registering online is very simple. Read the following steps carefully and do as directed you will be then able to register yourself on the portal.

  • Type the address the official website of Haryana govt. in the address bar www.hsamb.gov.in.
  • On the right hand side there is link called “bhavantar bharpai yojana (भावान्तर भरपाई योजना)”.
  • Click on that link then you will be transferred to another page where you will see “किसान पंजीकरण”.
  • Click on that link, it will show the procedure and instructions to fill the form. Read all the details carefully coz this is how the online registration will be done.
  • Fill in the details in the form and you will be registered to the website.

Things you need to keep in mind while registering online:-                                                        

  1. All the fields marked with (*) are mandatory. Keep your 12 digit aadhar card no handy.Fill in the mobile no for receiving updates and SMS.
  2. Birth date should be the same as the ID proof.Upload a photo for upto 2MB.
  3. The bank account should be linked to aadhar and the first page copy of the bank passbook is mandatory. Click Submit button. Print acknowledgment slip.

When to Register:- 

  Name Seeding Application DeadLine Verifying Deadline Complaint Deadline Selling Time
    Starting Date

–      Last Date

Last Date Last date During
1. Potato 10 Oct – 10 Nov 10 Oct- 30 Nov 31 Dec 15 Jan Feb – Mar
2. Onion 20 Dec – 31 Jan 20 Dec- 28 Feb 15 Mar 25 Mar April – May
3. Tomato 15 Dec – 31 Jan 15 Dec- 28 Feb 15 Mar 25 Mar April – 15 June
4. Cauliflower 15 Nov – 15 Dec 15 Nov- 31 Dec 15 Jan 25 Jan Feb – Mar

Registration process for the benefit under the scheme:

  • To benefit from this scheme, it is mandatory that the farmer should register to the website Horticulture Department (BBY) 
  • Area certification of farmers registered by the garden department.
  • Provision for filing an appeal by the farmer after being dissatisfied with the certified area.
  • Manufacturer’s Free Registration.Registration will remain open only during the specified period.
  • Registration facility will be available on all service centers / e-directions centers / marketing boards / horticulture departments / agricultural departments and internet kiosks. 

The first phase

In the first phase the following 4 crops are included whos minimum price, along with the scheduled production, is set

Order No Crop name Conserved Price (Rs per quintal) Prescribed production (quintal per acre)
1.           Potato 400 120
2.         Onion 500 100
3. Tomatoes 400 140
4. Cauliflower 500 100


  • A periodical assessment by district level committees would be conducted for effective implementation of the scheme.
  • Promotions of the scheme will be done through newspapers, digital facilities, seminars etc.Sufficient funds will be provided for the scheme.


  • The sale should be done on J-Farm only. After the sale the receipt to be uploaded on BBY e-portal.
  • If the price of crop production is less than the protected value then the farmer will be eligible to get compensation for the deficit.
  • The amount will be released within 15 days of the sale of the farmer’s linked link bank account.
  • The average daily wholesale price will be determined on the basis of the daily quotation of the monks marked by the Mandi Board.

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