Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme 2020 for Rape & Acid Attack

Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme 2018 – Rs. 7 Lakh for Rape & Acid Attack Victims [Eligibility Criteria]

The Bihar state government, in its Cabinet meeting has announced the approval of the implementation of Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme 2018. As per the statements made, the scheme is focused on offering with compensations to acid attack and rake victims within the state. The state government has announced to offer a compensation amount of Rs 7 lakhs to be given to each victim. The amount of compensation has been increased from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 7 lakh under current recommendations.

Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme

Scheme Name Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme 2018
Scheme Directed by Union Home Ministry – Bihar
Decision issued by Supreme Court in 2016 February
Scheme Modification date June 2018
Compensation Increased amount From Rs 3 lakhs (in 2014) to Rs 7 Lakh in June 2018
Policy formed by NALSA (National Legal Services Authority) and Central Government

Targeted Beneficiaries

As per the recommendations made by the central government and Union Home Ministry Cabinet, the beneficiaries under the new scheme will be all victims of Rape and Acid Attacks in the state of Bihar that are registered under the state government and legal authorities.

Decisions taken by SC (Supreme Court) under the new recommendations

As per the recommendations made by the SC new improvements have been made to the already existing 2016 scheme. The new scheme for implementation in 2018 has already been approved by the law department of Bihar state. New modifications have been made to the older version of the scheme for implementation of compensations. Under the new recommendations, the government would be offering a compensation of Rs 5 lakh and Rs 7 lakh to the rape and Acid Victims of the state.

Important features of the Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme 2018

  • As per the recommendations made for the 2018 scheme, the state government and law authorities have stated that an increased compensation would be offered to the victims amounting to Rs 7 lakhs for the fiscal year 2018 onwards.
  • In case any of the victims who has suffered acid attack and has lost over 80 percent of the visuals or facial features then the victim will also be provided with an compensation of Rs 10,000 on monthly basis. The compensation will be offered to the victim for his entire life or for a set duration that has been fixed by the verifying authorities. The District crime Board will be responsible for deciding the compensation amount for the above cases.
  • For acid victims the state government has also mentioned that the maximum amount of compensation will not be above Rs 10,000 monthly.

The decision related to implementation of compensation amount within the state has been forwarded to District Legal Services Authorities. All other eligibility criteria and procedures have not been altered under the new scheme.

Set compensation under the Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme 2018

In the previous scheme a compensation of Rs 3 lakhs was set by the government to be paid for both Acid attack and rape victims. The stats and figures are mentioned below:-

  Type of loss or Injury caused Compensation Limits Compensation
1 In case of death a) If the victim is 40 or below age

b) age between 40 to 60

c) Age exceeds above 60


Rs 3 lakh fixed


Rs 2 lakh Fixed


Rs 1 lakh fixed

2 Victims of Acid attacks Rs 3 lakh to be offered after case finalization and rehabilitation care a) Rs  1 lakh in cash to be offered in first 15 days along with offering medical treatment immediately.

b) after a time of two months sum of Rs 2 lakh will be paid as expenditure amount.

3 Rape Victim Compensation of Rs 3 lakh fixed
4 Injury or death on account of mental condition for child and women victims for bad behavior, trafficking, Molestation and Kidnapping as per IPC section 320 of 1860 Compensation of Rs 50,000 fixed.

As compared to the new recommendations, it is obvious that the state government has Fixed the compensation amount to Rs 7 lakh for each of Acid attack and rape victims for 2018. As per the recommendations no changes have been made to other procedures. You can check with complete details at

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