Jharkhand Chief Minister Fellowship Yojana (CMFY)

Chief Minister Fellowship Yojana (CMFY) Jharkhand for Students scholarship Program Online application Portal @jhcmfellowship.nic.in

A new Chief Minister fellowship Yojana (CMFY) has been launched by the Jharkhand state government. The new scheme has been introduced for the students such that each student within the state will be able to process and application for various scholarship programs online along with honorarium and grants from state owned colleges and universities. The Chief Minister of the state has also made it very clear that the new initiative will also encourage more number of deserving students to complete their higher studies.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Fellowship Yojana

Launch details

The state government of Jharkhand has taken the initiative of implementing the new program under the leadership of the State Chief Minister. The process of registration is also made available by the state government online starting from 25th Jan 2018.

Key features of web portal

  • The new web portal service will be available for all students to access at nic.in. You can reach the official web portal from your web browser.
  • The new we b portal service will also eliminate the need for the student to pay unnecessary visits to various government departments or other private departments.
  • The web portal will prove helpful for candidates and students who other wise are not able to complete or opt for their higher education on account of financial crises and corruption.
  • With the above mentioned initiative the state government has also ensured that it will focus on improving the level of higher education within the state.

How to register

  • To get registered the student will have to visit the online official website. From the home page of the website they have to select “get registered” option.
  • Once selected the form will be displayed on the screen where students will have to crate their login ID by providing name, email, password and user name details.
  • Once the details have been provided you just have to select submit option for completing registration process. The moment you shall be confirmed about your log in credentials you can use it to log in officially and fill in the application form.
  • The student has to make the selection of the scheme for which he or she intends to get registered for – Research, UG or scholarship level. Once you select instruction option under scholarship program you will be redirected towards the CM scholarship scheme.
  • To effectively apply under the scheme you have to first agree to the terms and conditions. You may have to provide with all details requested on the application form. You can also opt for research scholarship program as well under the same scheme.
  • Once all details have been submitted and cross checked by you then you have to click the submit option.

Programs under the scheme

The new web portal has been launched with an aim to help encourage the very idea of attaining higher level education amongst the students. There are three different sections for availing scholarship under this program:-

  • Graduate – This program is valid for any student who wants to opt for graduation in any faculty. The scholarship will be offered for admission in 17 law colleges, 29 NIT campuses, 19 IIM campuses and 23 IIT campuses state wide.
  • D – This program is valid for any student who wants to pursue higher education in doing Ph.D after completing PG in any faculty.
  • Research – This scholarship program is available for students who want to complete with their research work after pursuing higher degree. The student can request for Rs 1 lakh benefit that can be used in over 100 state universities.

Other Schemes –

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