Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana Odisha (BPGY)

Biju Pucca (Pakka) Ghar Yojana (BPGY) 2018-19 Rural Housing Scheme in Odisha For Titli Cyclone Affected Families,beneficiaries, Web portal Online Application Form, Download List

Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana is a flagship scheme launched by the state of Odisha so that all sections of masses of Odisha will have pucca houses to live in. It is a housing scheme specially targeted for the rural masses in the state. According to sources, a large portion of the rural population in Odisha does not have standard living conditions and are forced to live in temporary shelters. So to provide permanent pucca roof and houses to the rural population, BPGY is being launched. Under this scheme, the kachha houses will be converted into pucca houses and also those houses which were damaged due to natural calamities will also be reconstructed.

Biju Pucca Ghar Odisha

  • Nature of beneficiaries of Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana

As per the guidelines of the Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana, the beneficiaries which can apply for may be of two types. The first type of beneficiaries will be those families who are living in kachha or temporary houses in rural areas of Odisha. For them, the Govt. will sanction housing loan so that they can reconstruct their house and make it a pucca house. This is the BPGY (normal) scheme. The number of beneficiaries will be calculated as per the SECC 2011. Another class of beneficiaries who will receive this housing development fund is those who had pucca houses earlier but have lost their pucca houses because of natural as well as manmade disasters like flood, earthquake, fire, communal riots, etc.

  • Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana for women

The Govt. is keen to promote its policy for women empowerment. So under the Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana, the families will be sanctioned housing loans under the name of women of the family. The housing loan amount will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries through auto credit system. This fund can be utilized to buy construction materials and hire labour for building pucca houses. The pucca houses will be registered under the names of the female heads of the family.

  • Some key scheme details of Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana

Sl. No. Scheme Attributes Related information
1 Name of scheme Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana
2 Type of houses to be built Pucca houses
3 Mode of housing loan credit Automatic credit to bank account
4 Total no. of pucca homes built in 2015 – 2016 99,045
5 Fund allocated per unit for non IAP districts Rs. 70,000
6 Fund allocated per unit for IAP districts Rs. 75,000
8 Minimum expected life of pucca houses 30 years
9 Web portal
9 Toll Free Number / Helpline Number 1800-345-6768
  • Fund Allocation of Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana

All funds will be released directly to the bank accounts of the registered beneficiaries under the Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana. The Odisha Govt. has set a standard unit price of pucca house construction in the rural areas of the state. The unit prices of the pucca house are divided into two groups. One is houses in no IAP districts and another for houses in IAP districts. The Govt. has sanctioned housing fund of Rs. 70,000 per unit for building pucca houses under this scheme in the non IAP districts of the state. Whereas for the IAP districts, the per-unit fund allocation has be raised to Rs. 75,000.

  • Implementation of Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana

The beneficiaries of the Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana are free to utilize the funds allocated in their bank accounts to construct the pucca houses. They are the deciders of the design, layout and other factors of the new constructed house. They can hire labours and buy raw construction materials freely. But the Odisha govt. is keen in monitoring and administering the works right from the block level. The BDo offices and the offices of the District Collectors will be responsible for the implementation and administration works of the Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana. Also a dedicated web portal is also working on it.

How to check beneficiaries list

Click here for check beneficiaries list.

Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana for victims of cyclone Titli

Moreover, state government said that it will sanction rupees 176 crores for building houses. Local traders or self-help groups would be deployed by the state government who will assist in the construction of buildings. The SGHs will be provided with adequate financial assistance by the government so that they can smoothly carry out with the construction process/.

Specific dates have been decided and the constructors have been ordered to start the work on the same. By this, the government will be able to keep a track of the construction details of new houses in the affected areas.

Update (20/11/2018)

Odisha government has launched Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana scheme for the aim of financially helping 13,000 households who are victims of cyclone Titli. The natural disasters have its effect in 11 districts making it miserable for the people of the state. The scheme has been planned after conducting discussion with Naveen Patnaik who is the CM of Odisha. CM is talking special care and has deployed the department into looking after effective launching of the scheme that would help the miserable come out of the situation.

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