Pilgrimage Scheme in Jharkhand

Pilgrimage Scheme in Jharkhand

Jharkhand government has launched a new scheme for the senior citizens of the state. The scheme namely Pilgrimage Scheme is for the people who belong to BPL category and aged. Under this scheme aged people will be given a financial assistance to visit pilgrims in and out of Jharkhand. The details are given below:

Pilgrimage Scheme Jharkhand Key Features

  • Pilgrimage Scheme in Jharkhand is launched by the state government. The CM of the state has announced about the scheme officially in an event.
  • Under this scheme people who are aged 60 years and above and belong to BPL category will be able to take the privilege of the scheme.
  • There will be package tours and each applicant can take two tours in and out of Jharkhand state. There will be certain places that are to be considered under the scheme.
  • The state travel ministry will sign a contract / agreement with the IRCTC to process the scheme.
  • The entire funding and financial assistance given to the people under this scheme will be borne by the state government.


  • People who are aged 60 years and above and belong to BPL category are eligible for this scheme.
  • There is no specific religion is mentioned under this scheme. Anyone from any religion can apply for it.
  • The applicant can take her/his spouse along and also attendant for the old person or unwell person is allowed and can travel free of cost.

Travel Mode

  • There will be two tours for each applicant in an interval of two years. The first tour will be in Jharkhand while the second one will be out of the state.
  • As of now the authorities have decided to offer group travel. There will be package under which the members of each group will get food and other amenities just like a group tour under any travel agency.

Travel Destinations

As of now some of the destinations get finalised for the scheme. The destinations are:

  • In Jharkhand: Maluti, Deoghra, Rajappa and others.
  • Out of Jharkhand: Golden Temple, Ajmer Sharif, Vaishnava Devi, Rishikesh, Puri, Dwarka, Tirupati, Velankanni Church and Sheikh Salim Chisti Darga.

These places are as of now finalised but not exhausted. The list can be changed in future.

Scheme Budget

The initial budget for the scheme is finalised at Rs. 1 Cr and more. The state government has stated that the budget can be changed in future.

At a glance

Scheme Pilgrimage Scheme
Budget 1 Cr
Beneficiary Aged people belong to BPL category
Travel mode Group tours
Travel area In and Out of Jharkhand

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