Berojgari Bhatta scheme in Punjab

Berojgari Bhatta Yojana Scheme in Punjab (One Job per family) 2018 Unemployment Registration Online (how to apply for unemployment allowance in punjab)

After the promise of giving 50 lakh Smartphone to the young people across the state Punjab, the congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh has promised to give away jobs to the unemployed youths in the state. In a recent event held on Tuesday 29th of November the leader has announced that he will give away one job per family once they will be in power in 2017 election. Also he has said that the unemployed youths will get unemployment allowances or Berozgar Bhatta as well till they get the jobs.

Captain Amrinder Berojgari Bhatta, One Job per family in Punjab

Name of the scheme Berojgari Bhatta Yojana


State Punjab
Launch in 2017
Announced by CM Capt. Amarinder Singh
Launched by Punjab state government
Official site
Beneficiary Youth (18 years to 35 years)
Financial assistance 2500/month
Time span For 36 months

One Job per Family

  • One Job per Family is the new promise that the congress has made in Punjab. He announced that in coming election 2017 if the concerning party gets elected then the party will initiate the Smartphone distribution and providing jobs within 100 days of the election results.
  • They have made a slogan for the new promise that the party has made as “Captain ne saun chakki, har ghar ikk naukri pakki” which means there will be one job in each family across the state.
  • The jobs will be given to the young members of the family only. The eligible candidates’ age will be 18 years to 35 years.

Berozgari Bhatta

Apart from the one job per family promise the party leader also talked about the berojgari bhatta or unemployment allowances. Under this bhatta the unemployed youths who are unable to find a job will get Rs. 2500/- per month as the unemployment allowances. The allowances will be given to the youths for long 36 months until he / she gets a job. To get the bhatta one has to register himself and draw a berozgar bhatta card.

Berozgar Bhatta – How to get it (How to apply)

  • To get registered under this employment campaign the applicants need to get the berojgar Bhatta Card first. They will be provided these cards from the government.
  • There will be a unique registration number printed on the card. The number will be different and unique for each candidate.
  • A phone number will be given to the candidates. They are required to call on the number and share their card details with the executive.
  • Once they share the details successfully and the verification process is done, the registration under this employment campaign will be completed.

Implementation of the Campaign

  • The campaign will start with the 600 ticket seekers who are asked to reach out at least 10,000 youths in each region of the state. There will be registration kits and forms in 100 numbers for each person.
  • They will start the training process soon so that as soon as the party comes into the power the work can be initiated without wasting any time.
  • The training is expected to start from Tuesday that is 29th of November 2016. Once the workers are being trained on the registration process and other campaign related activities they will be asked to reach out more families. As of now the first phase of the campaign is targeting 40 Lakh families to start with.

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