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Process to Apply Solar PV Subsidy Scheme Yojana and cost (  | ( Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme Application form and incentives

The Solar rooftop project is the project that will be installing solars on the rooftops. This will help the country produce renewable energy. Also it will be a step towards conserving the planet. The poor who were unable to get a source of light – even now there are many households in the rural areas where electricity has not reached. To a great extent this will solve their problems.

It will also enable the country to sustain itself in the long run. A step towards environment conservation is a futuristic step. In the coming 50 to 100 years sustainable technologies will be the perfect infrastructure for growth of a country. India seems to have taken that step with this subsidy scheme.



Serial No. Information Data
1 Official website of the ministry
2 Cost of solar power generation Rs. 6.50/kWh
3 Benchmark cost provided by CFA 15 per cent
4 Solar units that are being promoted 1 kWp to 55 kWp

Features of the solar subsidy scheme

  • The government has announced that it will be giving a subsidy of 30% to the general category of states and union territories. This means that in general the states will get a 30% subsidy to avail them.
  • The special category states such as Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, etc., will be getting a subsidy of 70% to buy these installations.
  • The rooftop installation is not just for the rural areas but for all sectors and institutions. For example, hospitals, social and government institutions, etc.
  • However the one sector that has been declined this benefit are the industrial and the commercial sector. They are encouraged to go ahead and plant these installations, but they will not be given any subsidy for the same.

How can this be useful?

The solar plants can, not just be used to power the buildings and houses, but it can also be used to fuse into the grid and generate surplus income. This has been long said that the use of solar power will be a benefit for all. It can be used to give power to the neighboring occupants or to the needy ones because it can create surplus power.

This is why solar power is one of the most sustainable means of power generation in the world. Today the world abates around 60 million tones of CO2 every year which leads to the destruction of the ozone layer. We are in a dire need of protecting the ozone layer of the world – more than ever. Solar power can help us save energy and conserve the planet.

How can I apply for the solar power subsidy?

The government has already started accepting forms for application. You can choose to apply online for hassle free handling.

To apply online you have to head over to this web address –

To view the list of certified agencies in your state who are entrusted with handling it you can visit –

Latest News Update On Jan 2018

MNRE Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme – Application form and incentives

The MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), a sector of the Central Government, has invited applicants via online application procedure. Under the new system the applicants will be able to complete the procedure for registration for installing Rooftop Solar Power Generating Plants at their homes. Under the new scheme the Central Government has planned to offer applicants with subsidy for installing and purchase.

The Central government has also stated that the new scheme will offer them with a chance to generate healthy income by selling electricity to the government.

Key Features

  • According to the updates users who are interested in availing this benefit under the scheme can directly contact the electricity company and submit their application form for grid connections.
  • The central government will be offering with a subsidy of 30 percent to the subscribers who are interested that can be used by them for purchasing and installing the Roof top solar power connection system.
  • The central government shall be offering with facility of lending loan and home loan equivalent to Rs 10 lakh in value under the scheme. This will be done on the priority basis for the subscribers.
  • Under the new scheme the subscribers will have an opportunity to generate electricity at a reduced cost for residential purpose. The subscribers will also be offered with Incentive of Rs 2 per unit generated by the subscribers.

Application procedure

  • Any candidate who is interested in availing the connection will have to visit the nearest electricity supply company. They will have to collect details of fee for purchase and installation of Roof top solar panel connection.
  • They will have to get a valid approval letter from the board for installation of the connection. They have to approach the developer of the system to get details related to the installation of panels on their rooftop.
  • Once approved they have to provide with details related to successful installation of the system and submit it to the electricity company.
  • Once the system has been installed they will have to request for an inspection from the electricity board for providing with grid system for interconnection.
  • The revenue can be generated depending on the total amount of electricity generated from their solar power grid system.

Benefits of Roof top solar plant scheme

Subscribers will have below mentioned benefits of installing Solar Power Plants on their Rooftop.

  • Generating Electricity – Subscribers who install the Solar Power system on their roof tops will be able to use cheaper electricity generated using Solar energy. This will also reduce the cost of electricity bill.
  • Consumption – The electricity thus generated can also be used for their residential purpose so they will not have to pay more electricity bill to the electricity service providers.
  • Income – If the subscribers are able to generate additional amount of electricity that is consumed by them at their residence then they can also generate revenue by selling the electricity to the Utility / Discoms. The company will make the payment depending on the set tariff rates regularly.
  • Participation – By installing the system on the roof top the consumers can also be a part of the drive to help reduce pollution by using clean energy and saving the environment.

Specifications for panels

Below mentioned are minimum specifications required for installing solar power plant roof tops.

  • Area Required – To install solar power rooftop connection subscribers need to have at least minimum of 100 sq. ft. of area on the roof top (Per KW) power generation.
  • Cost factor – Under the new scheme the overall cost for installing per KW solar power system will be around Rs 60,000 to over Rs 70,000, which is excluding subsidy amounts as per MNRE.
  • Installation cost – The additional of 30 percent subsidy will be offered by the government for residential sector such that the installation cost will be around Rs 42,000 to Rs 49,000 for each KW.

Incentives offered under scheme

Both State and Central government has announced to offer incentives to the subscribers registering under the scheme as follows:-

Incentive by Central Government

According to the recommendations made by the central government, all social sector, institutional and residential sector people are free to avail benefit under this scheme. They shall be provided with 30 percent subsidy under this scheme for purchase and installation. The subsidy will be offered via State nodal agency – Delhi, REM and EE.

Incentive given by Delhi Government

This incentive will be offered for the subscribers registering for as residential users. They will be offered with Rs 2 / KWH (Unit charge) as GBI for a period of 3 years initially.

  • Eligibility –Under this incentive the subscriber should be able to generate minimum of 1000 to 1500 Kilo Watt Hour / Kwp yearly.
  • Yearly income – subscribers will be able to generate an yearly revenue equivalent to Rs 2200 or Rs 3000 for every Kwp yearly.

Delhi Gov Solar Energy Scheme 

Additional Incentives

  • Home Loan benefit –To smoothly get started with the installation process of the Roof top solar power systems subscribers can also approach the government for home loan and subsidy benefits under this scheme.
  • Lending scheme Priority sector –Subscribers will also be eligible for requesting a loan benefit equivalent to Rs 10 lakh for getting the connections installed on Roof tops.

Website details

In case any subscriber wishes to collect more set of information related to the scheme then he is free to visit the official website at

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