Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) | CGHS Hospital List | CGHS Cost

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) | CGHS Hospital List | CGHS Cost

Well, to be very specific, it can be said that health issue is a major issue in India. And it’s really sad to see that a huge number of people still have to struggle with the health issues and deal with the unavailability of proper treatments. Considering this in mind, the CGHS was formatted. The primary objective of this scheme was to offer a proper medical facility and infrastructure for the central government employees. And this will include the dependents, family members of the employee. Both the serving and retired central government employees will be offered with this scheme.

Central Government Health Scheme

So who are offered with CGHS?

Presently the CGHS is offering the healthcare facilities for those individuals who had worked for the central government employees. And even the retired employees will have the benefits who are drawing pension from the Civil estimates and also the family members. The pensioners and employees of the autonomous bodies are also provided with the facility of CGHS. Even the freedom fighters will also be offered with health care benefits under the CGHS scheme.

The scheme and eligibility

The CGHS beneficiaries will be able to have innumerable benefits within this health scheme and this is comprehensive in nature. The scheme is operational only in India and this is why it will be valid only for the India citizens and employees. Apart from that no other employees or citizens will be offered this scheme. Within the CGHS scheme, different health treatments are offered to the employees through Allopathic and Indian Ayurvedic, yoga, unani and siddha methodologies. Even Homeopathic treatments are also available for the eligible individuals. The CMO’s and the medical officers will be in charge of the dispensaries for the effective function of this healthcare scheme.

The scheme is presently operational in all the major cities of India. The comprehensive healthcare facilities will be available for the healthcare beneficiaries through wellness centers. The wellness centers were previously referred as the CGHS dispensaries. Even the central government employees, who are on the verge of retirement, shall also have the option of availing this facility. We understand a lot of queries have been raised by the employees who are going to retire soon about this CGHS. And this is why here are the details for the joining of CGHS and entitlement for availing treatments.

The CGHS for the retirees

As stated earlier, all the employees who have been working for the central government shall be offered with these facilities. And this does not mean that they have to be a resident of the areas where this facility is available. The employees residing outside the areas of the CGHS territory shall also be provided with these benefits. The pensioners/family pensioners need to get their names registered with any of the dispensaries by an application. After the application is submitted, an identity card shall be issued for the CGHS.

The procedure for registration of CGHS

The CGHS can be registered through the office of AD/JD on the city where the CGHS has been implemented. Even on the cities where the CGHS is not implemented, the government or the retired government employees can download the CGHS form by the website or from the office of AD/JD.

The documents that will be necessary are as follows:

There are different documents necessary for the registration of CGHS. But the primary documents include residence proof, age proof, disability certificate is not initially required, but it is necessary in case the beneficiary or any family member is disabled, photos of family members. If the employee is still in service, then the surrender certificate is necessary for availing the benefits offered by CGHS.

If the PRO is not at all ready for any reason, you can get the provisional card according to the last pay certificate. The data is entered by computer and is sent to the database after which a print out is issued on same day so that it can be used immediately. The plastic cards are then sent to the residence of card holder.

Annual life time fee for joining the CGHS

There are some contributions that the pensioners and retirees need to make for getting the facilities of CGHS. They can make a solo contribution of ten years at once or they can make contribution on installments. Demand draft is the mode of contribution for the beneficiaries. If the pensioner opts for lifetime validity through by making contribution of 10 years they will be provided with a card of lifetime validity from CGHS. You can make online payment for joining the CGHS. And if you are making the payment on Delhi, then it must be named after the AD, CGHS of the city. The contribution of the pensioners will be calculated depending on the grade pay that they are entitled to during their service period.

Medical allowance for retiring employees

The pensioner, who is residing within the non CGHS facility covered areas, will be able to receive the CGHS facility from the nearby city or town. And they will also have the option of attaining Rs 500 per month if they opt to get fixed medical allowance instead of the CGHS facility.

There are different options for the pensioners. They can opt for Rs 300 allowance every month for the OPD treatment, in case if they are not included within the CGHS. The CGHS card is essential to get the in-patient facilities. You can get the card from your nearest CGHS covered facilities.

During any emergency, the necessary treatment can be availed from any hospital. To submit the medical claim for treatment, you need to submit the claims to AD/JD of the concerned city for CGHS. The reimbursement shall be offered according to the rates of the city where the card has been registered and according to the ward entitlements 

A tabular overview of the CGHS scheme

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. How many cities have CGHS at present? 25 cities in India
2. How long does it take to get the CGHS cards? Mostly within 3 weeks time
3. In case the CGHS card is lost Application needs to be submitted to AD/JD with two passport photos and an IPO with Rs 50.
4. Color scheme for the plastic cards Blue-serving government employees

Green-Pensioners, ex-MPs, freedom fighters

PED-Serving MPs

Yellow-Beneficiaries of autonomous bodies/journalist

5. Time for medical claim reimbursement Claims of pensioners are cleared within 45 days.
6. Time period of getting the medicines Immediately, incase if a medicine is not available, it is issued on the very next day.

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