Chandranna Bima Yojana in Andra Pradesh 2019 [Form]

Chandranna Bima [Bheema] Yojana in Andra Pradesh 2019 [Application Form, Check Status, Age Limit, Card Download]

One of the most important schemes to be launched this year is the Chandranna Bima Yojana and this is specially focused on the labors that work on the unorganized sectors. The scheme shall be launched in Andra Pradesh and the laborers who will be incorporated within this scheme are small traders, artisans, agricultural laborers, small scale business employees and similar other individuals. Recently we have seen Mr. Narendra Modi to launch policies for farmers and now the Andra Pradesh government has taken up the scheme to help the laborers of unorganized sectors.

Chandranna Yojana Key features

  • The is actually an insurance for the laborers of unorganized sectors and the people like small scale laborers, artisans, petty business employees and such people shall be eligible for this scheme. More than 1.5 crore workers shall be provided with this facility of insurance.
  • The workers shall be registered for attaining insurance of 5 Lakh rupees in case the workers get injured or meets death. On the maturity of this insurance, the family or the nominee shall have this amount. Any worker, who is permanently disabled and cannot work anymore, shall be provided with this facility.
  • The workers who face partial disability shall have a benefit of 3 lakh rupees after maturity and if there are any chance to get cured then the worker shall be provided with this 3 Lakh rupees for medical assistance.
  • The state government is provided with Rs 132 crore for this project and presently almost any labor who is working on unorganized sector, will be offered with this facility.

Chandranna Bima Yojana aim

  • Now, whys is this Chandranna Bima Yojana being used? The aim is, most of the times unorganized sectors are unnoticed by authorities and no such initiatives have been taken up for the help of labors in such division. The aim is to offer the financial coverage for such unorganized sector labors.
  • These small traders and artisans do not earn a considerable amount and this is why such insurance schemes are going to secure them so that even after facing any unfortunate incidents, they receive the necessary monetary help.

Chandranna Bima Yojana Benefits

  • In this scheme, the workers are going to get an amount of Rs 5 lakh who are aged within 18 to 59 years and an amount of Rs 4.25 lakh who are between 60-70 years. The nominee will be able to utilize the money.
  • For partial disability, the workers who are insured in this scheme will be provided with 3 lakh rupees and for those who are affected with curable disability will get an insurance of 3 lakh 62 thousand for aged between 18-59 and 3 lakh 25 thousand for age between 60-70 lakh.
  • In case of any natural death, the workers who are insured in this scheme shall also have the benefit of Rs 30000, but this pay is not valid for workers aged between 60-70. The children workers who are included in this scheme shall be awarded with Rs 1200 every year as scholarship.

Chandranna Bima Yojana eligibility

This scheme is specifically for those workers who are working under the unorganized sector and the age limit of workers should range from 18-70 years. Also the individual who is willing to register within this category needs to be an Indian citizen and also he/she must possess a voter card for Andra Pradesh.

Chandranna Bima Yojana application form

You can directly download the application form or you can also visit the official website of Chandranna Bima Yojana and you shall get the details of application form available there. The basic details like name, contact number, address, and nature of work, salary/income and nominee are necessary for applying and the form fee is Rs 15.

Affected Area

The scheme has been launched in Andra Pradesh and soon other states shall be covered in this scheme. Vijayawada is a major area that comes under this scheme.

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