Delhi Mission Buniyaad Education Scheme to Improve Learning Skills of Students

Delhi Mission Buniyaad Education Scheme to Improve Learning Skills of Students

In recent time’s governments of India launching various innovative programs, in order to create a strong educational base among the school going students. As the latest addition to that, the Delhi state government has introduced a new scheme ‘Mission Buniyaad’ for monitoring the student’s learning levels and skills in the government owned schools.

Delhi Mission Buniyaad Education Scheme

About ‘Mission Buniyaad’

The scheme is specially designed to improve the learning standards of the students from the government schools. After knowing the importance of improving the educational foundations offered to the primary schools, this scheme was introduced. Under this scheme, students who are found as lacking in learning skills will be trained by specially to get matches with the other talented students.

The scheme fully focused to improve the learning skills of the students, the idea behind launching this scheme is based on the reports of NAS in which the education standards and learning levels of the students across the nation are marked as below the par level.

After observation over the educational levels and standards for about 2 years, the Delhi government has taken steps to improve the education foundation which needs to be fortified in order to meliorate the level of education.

Launch Details

The Deputy CM of Delhi, Mr. Sisodia has proclaimed the new scheme Mission Buniyaad on 19th of February 2018. The scheme will be implemented in the schools under by the DCB and also by the MCD.

Key Features and Highlighting Points

  • The newly proposed scheme for boosting the learning skills of the school children will be implemented by keeping it under the new education scheme across the Delhi state, by the state government.
  • Under this new scheme, students who are all studying in primary class 3 to the secondary class 8th will be supervised. And based on their performance and learning ability, they will be offered special training.
  • The special training for those lacking students will be given by the special mentor. A special mentor will be appointed under this scheme for every 5 schools and he/she will be responsible on monitoring the student’s performances.
  • During the announcement of the scheme, the minister and Deputy CM of the state claimed the help from the parents to help their child to improve their learning ability.

The reports of NAC pointed that about half of the students from the schools are not matching with the required level in education standards and they face hard to read and to solve basic mathematics. The minister advised parents to send their child to special training classes which will be held during the summer vacations, if their child seems to be lack in reading skills.

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