Direct benefit transfer for fertilizer subsidy in Odisha

Direct benefit transfer for fertilizer subsidy in Odisha

The state government of Odisha has announced a direct transfer benefit to be provided to the beneficiaries within the state. The new initiative is termed as direct transfer benefit for beneficiaries. It is a type of fertilizer transfer benefit scheme for beneficiary. The new implementation has been delayed on certain accounts by state government.

Direct benefit transfer for fertilizer subsidy in Odisha

Revised launch details

  • According to the new sources and statements, the scheme will now be applicable for academic year 2017 only after arrival of New Year (one month later).
  • The state government has announced that the new scheme will be implemented by Jan 1st 2018 within the state jurisdiction.
  • According to new and latest reports the scheme will now be functional for beneficiaries by Feb 1st

Key features

  • According to the latest updates from the local government, the scheme will help benefit agricultural department for getting fertilizes at subsidy cost.
  • The government has so far identified over 11680 retailers who can benefit under the scheme.
  • These retailers will benefit for the sales of fertilizers within the state to local farmers in the form of POC devices to around 6174 retailers within the state.
  • The state government will also set up a committee for selling nutrients chemical based to societies that are agricultural based and under regulations of cooperative societies (PACS).
  • It will also focus on covering multi-purpose societies covering large areas including (LAMPS).
  • At present according to stats only 913 societies are fully equipped with PoS equipments and services.
  • With an objective to implement the scheme and PoS services, the state government will try and connect all retailers with the existing system of PoS.
  • Each retailer will be provided with PoS devices at their end and each of the farmers linked with PoS device is lined with bank accounts.
  • All other retailers who have not yet been supplied with PoS devices will be covered by the state government by February 1st
  • It is also important that each of the beneficiaries will have to provide with their Aadhar card details for verification under the scheme.
  • It is important that for verification process the biometrics should be verified for each of the registered candidate.
  • It is also certain that each of the devices that has been included by the state government has been updated with latest version of the software for effective usage.
  • With the new implementation of the new scheme the state government aims at improving the transparency within the fertilizer sector sale.

It is obvious that the government aims at keeping a record of each transaction for sales under fertilizer sector to retailers. It will help in eliminating the misuse of fertilizers.


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